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Plussize models still not a fit for Fashion Week San Antonio

Plussize models nevertheless not a fit for Fashion Week San Antonio
Simply consider a few of the world's many prominent models, practically all them a size zero to size 2. But it's an unrealistic image in the event you ask DeAnna Hodges, a plus-size designer. Or ask Tenisia Stirrup, an ambitious model. At size 16 plus 14, they …
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'Plussized' ladies reshaping retail industry
"I'll state, yeah which ensemble looks ideal about which model, I understand that's not gonna be just what it looks like whenever I go try it about inside the dressing space though," she mentioned. Plus sizes females are reshaping the retail industry, and not simply at big department shops …
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how to go about commercial/print modeling?

Question by Myke: how to go regarding commercial/print modeling?
I’m interested inside modeling, however today I don’t meet the height range for runway modeling (I’m not interested because anyways) I’m regarding 5′ 7″ or 8″ any, I’m 18 years of age, plus I’ve had many individuals tell me which I look young than my age 15-17, along with a limited additional suggesting which I’ve got the “appropriate bone structure for a model”. So… I like to take a whack at it.

I reside inside the Cleveland Metro location, yet do not have idea how to go regarding acquiring print/commercial agencies here. I learn there’s google nevertheless I don’t wish To fall for any tricks. And whenever I do discover an agency, do I only take head shots plus body shots plus send them inside? Does mentioned pictures automatically need to be shirtless, or clothed…I dunno what they like. And state in the event you were finalized…do they assist commence about a portfolio, or do we do which oneself? I guess what I’m asking is…where do we commence initially. I don’t wish To contact them plus end up feeling like a dumb@$ $ >.>

And another thing. what is It claims “where expert models meet expert photographers” yet I see a great deal of “inexperienced” individuals about there…soo… will anybody simply employ which? That will be form of…shady wouldn’t it? I mean, individuals declaring to be specialist photographers plus they’re…not.

So uh, aid, please. I’d appreciate it VERY much.

Best answer:

Answer by Darin Heinz
Your right bet is to receive a portfolio together. Because we don’t have modeling experience, you’re not going to have tear-sheets (duplicates of magazine editorials or advertisements featuring a modeling), so the portfolio must comprise of at minimum 1 headshot, 1 full-length, pictures within the back, sides, 3/4 angle, et cetera… which delivers the viewer with enough info to understand what we resemble inside 3 dimensions. For guys, certain shirtless is OK; I suggest both with plus without. It might cover the bases, because each agency has different tastes. If you will, analysis the kinds of function every agency has booked models for, plus tailor the portfolio accordingly, customizing it somewhat for every agency. Limited to about 12-15 pictures, the portfolio must have several simple images inside there (plain backdrop), and a limited urban or ecological shots, however nothing absolutely over-the-top artsy. It helps the professionalism to ensure which no 2 photos explain to you wearing the same thing, or feature the same place, you are truly the only usual element from 1 pic to the upcoming. Once we have the photos together, place them (preferably) into an HTML or SWF (Flash) file about a CD, plus have a printed copy bound inside the number one portfolio cover you are able to afford.

Find neighborhood modeling agencies inside the yellow pages plus online, plus look equally inside nearby big cities. Call plus set up visits for a portfolio review; ask the certain issues we couldn’t discover answers to online. Take a couple of CD duplicates plus a printed portfolio along with you whenever we see them. If any of them wish To charge we a fee up-front, turn plus walk away. It could expense we nothing to register with them; they can receive paid a percentage of the booking fee when you function.

But the initial step remains getting the portfolio shot. Model Mayhem plus One Model Place ( are very big websites, plus have good searching features, however they’re better geared towards interdisciplinary networking than to get found on the quick track into an A-List. Use those to discover photographers whose function we like; there are some top-notch pros hidden amidst the wannabes. Being available to many (there continues to be an approval procedure to receive on), there are experts plus ambitious artists with a variety of experience. Browse around plus you’ll shortly be capable to tell who’s value consulting plus who’s not. Register with 1 or both websites, plus post a casting call for aid with a portfolio. As an alternative, you are able to absolutely discover prepared plus helpful fourth-year photography pupils at some of the universities plus colleges about Cleveland.

This really is possibly really the tip of the iceberg; there are a lot of nuances to functioning inside this field, plus it varies from region to region, at which. But what I’ve posted here ought to be plenty to receive we started.

I hope it assists! Great chance!

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Latest Professional Modeling Photography auctions

professional modeling photography eBay auctions you need to keep an eye on:

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Sep 28

Going Pro: How to Make the Leap from Aspiring to Professional Photographer

Going Pro: How to Create the Leap from Aspiring to Expert Photographer

Going Pro: How to Create the Leap from Aspiring to Expert Photographer

You’ve got the gear, the training, as well as the technologies. You’re prepared to result in the leap from ambitious to specialist photographer. Then what?

With today’s affordable, top-quality cameras, Internet technologies, plus training, any weekend warrior will hang a shingle plus open a photography company. However what then? While anybody may purchase a pro standard camera, limited have the abilities to turn their dreams into a successful company.

Going Pro is the important guide to

List Price: $ 29.99


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Nice Could I Be A Model photos

Some cool may i be a model images:

I can be 1 2 3
could i be a model
Image by AsGood
The variations between how a expert perceives moments and just how a generalist perceives moments.

A gross simplification, naturally, however, all models are.

EV model motor/transformer testing
could i be a model
Image by EvanFoss
3 Phase Motor running of 1 Phase energy from a 120V to 220V 200W transformer. The transformer has a fuse about it’s input however which just prevents protection issues. The fuse found on the end of the yellow clip lead shields the transformer just in case the beginning present was high than I expected. Long story brief it worked. Next step IGBT testing.

I sought to make sure which the engine worked plus which the transformer might take the load when an IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) failed inside testing.

Note: Motor piece # 5IK60A-SW
(sciplus mentioned it was 51 not 5I)

(This was taken inside the living area a some weeks ago)

Sep 27

Tech Armor Apple New iPhone 5 High Definition (HD) Clear Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty (3-Pack) [AT&T, Verizon. Sprint, International and Unlocked iPhone 5 Models] Reviews

Tech Armor Apple New iPhone 5 High Definition (HD) Clear Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty (3-Pack) [AT&T, Verizon. Sprint, International plus Unlocked iPhone 5 Models]

Tech Armor Apple New iPhone 5 High Definition (HD) Clear Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty (3-Pack) [AT&T, Verizon. Sprint, International plus Unlocked iPhone 5 Models]

  • High Definition Transparency Film which ensures maximum resolution for Retina Display
  • Tech Armor Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Protect The Screen from unwelcome scratches, repels dust plus can lower signs of daily wear
  • Made from superior standard Japanese PET for swiftly plus clean installation
  • Includes: 3x Screen Protectors, Cleaning Cloth, Squeegee plus Installation Instructions

Tech Armor’s iPhone 5 HD Clear Screen Protectors supply the greatest transparency whilst nevertheless delivering the scratch immune security for a Apple iPhone. Designed with Apple’s Retina show in your mind, you’ll not compromise image standard. Tech Armor additionally provides the patented TruTouch which will likely not interfere with all the responsiveness of the touch screen show.

Also Available in:

Anti-Glare & Anti-Fingerprint, Mirror, plus 4-Way Privacy

Apple New iPhone 5 (Sept 2012 re

List Price: $ 19.99


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Sep 27

Fire Fighter Creates App to Save Lives

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

The Extraction Zones application is a mobile application which is downloaded to any telephone or pill. The application delivers firefighters plus rescue groups with effortless to read renderings of the structural supports, airbags plus energy plus propulsion systems of favored cars. This info enables initially responders to immediately determine the quickest, plus safest, path for extracting travelers.

In purchase to extract a passenger within the car, its important which the Emergency Medical Team avoid setting off the airbag program or cut into an electric program. But, because automobile producers continue to incorporate fresh systems plus accessories to their product, emergency technicians, firefighters, authorities officers, plus additional personnel are facing modern challenges.

With the Extraction Zones application, initially responders have the database they require to conserve lives plus safeguard themselves. Extraction Zones offers firefighters plus rescue groups with renderings of the running systems, structural supports, airbag places, plus different info for favored cars. This information is selected to immediately, plus securely, extract travelers from cars which have been associated inside injuries.

When cutting persons from automobile wreckage, speed is of the essence, but, unique cars have hidden airbags, harmful batteries plus high-voltage wires running from them, creating it a task riddled with difficulties. For fire-fighters plus rescuers, a misplaced cut might signify a lethal surprise.

Las Vegas fire-fighter plus paramedic Adam Weiss was becoming worried regarding the improving dangers of the lifesaving process, thus he looked up Texas-based shape fast Bohemian Innovation. Together, he thought, they can innovate their method from the issue.

The happen is Extraction Zones, an application for iPhone, iPad plus Android. It has structural layouts of prevalent vehicles. Included are the places of hot spots including seatbelt pretensioners, airbags plus electric systems, thus consumers recognize where — plus where not — to result in the important incisions.

Using manufacturers’ schematics, the team created well-defined, colour-coded images of every automobile, highlighting individual models. The application has been downloaded by over 7,000 firefighters all over the world.

Time is important inside emergency cases, thus the team eliminated the app’s splash page plus created a easy three-step menu. Extraction Zones is aimed at the pros however, it not hurts to be prepared plus we thought the grocery-shopping application had been a lifesaver!

Even when the Jaws of Life is not utilized, you nevertheless need to disconnect the batteries to receive folks from the automobile securely, mentioned Adam Weiss, co-founder of Extraction Zones, ex- firefighter plus paramedic. After every accident, regardless of how minor, the car should be secure. Traffic accidents are the 2nd most commonly known call following emergency healthcare responses, over fires. On average 80% of calls are medically associated including traffic injuries plus emergency healthcare responses. 115 folks die inside traffic injuries everyday inside the United States plus over 6 million traffic injuries per year, Weiss states.

The extrication tools chosen by initially responders are very effective plus necessary to saving the lives of vehicle collision victims. The scenarios which these people find themselves inside, is upcoming to impossible for a typical individual to understand.

The Extraction Zones application offers place info for airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, electrical plus propulsion systems, and structural reinforcements for most top vehicles found on the road in addition to many crossbreed cars. Users can view this info all at when or just see relevant info by hiding components because required. Extraction Zones additionally delivers an alternative evening mode for darker surroundings.

The application has been showcased inside Wired Magazine UK,, plus many newly the September 2011 matter of Fire Safety Magazine. Extraction Zones is distributed from the iTunes application plus Google Play. It is crafted to function about over 40 different phones working found on the Android program as well as the iPhone.

Extraction Zones aim is to offer an application crafted to aid firefighters plus initial responders extract guests from cars included inside injuries. Speeding up this extraction time may conserve lives, plus enable emergency personnel to do their job to the greatest of their abilities.

Extraction Zones mission is to supply emergency technicians, firefighters, authorities, plus additional initial responders with important car info which enables those to instantly bypass numerous systems plus accessories so that they could fast, plus securely, eliminate guests caught inside cars. You are able to observe this good movie to discover much more about the Extraction Zones application.


Extraction Zones is owned plus operated by Michael Forte plus Adam Weiss.

Michael Forte has been a serial entrepreneur for over a decade plus has strong experience inside technologies licensing, sales, creative plus company development. Michael Forte has been associated with development licensing, sales, plus create plus company development for over a decade. He is co-founder plus CEO of App Hive, that has absolutely brought applications to market. As the co-founder plus CEO of Extraction Zones Michael brings company acumen, intuition, plus experience.

Adam Weiss brings real planet experience to Extraction Zones, based about his function because a firefighter plus paramedic for the previous decade. He has specialized inside car extraction plus emergency health services. Adam Weiss knowledge plus experience has been earned found on the front lines of car extrication plus emergency health service. For over a decade, Adam has risked his lifetime to protect the lives of others. As the co-founder of Extraction Zones, he’ll continue to employ his knowledge plus contacts to incorporate value plus level to the organization.

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Sep 26

Star Wars X-Wing fighter Model Kit

Star Wars X-Wing fighter Model Kit

Star Wars X-Wing fighter Model Kit

  • Easy snap-together assembly, no gluing needed
  • Includes 2 figures, movable wings plus optional landing gear
  • Multicolored painted components eliminates the requirement to paint
  • As enjoyed inside the Star Wars movies
  • Illustrated assembly instructions

The X-wing has been continuously up-to-date throughout its shape lifetime. The authentic T-65B fielded by the Rebel Alliance became a competent strike fighter for the time, nevertheless was shortly supplanted by the T-65CA2, boasting improved acceleration. The T-65CA3 improved the avionics, shields plus sensors; the T-65CA4 was mainly another engine upgrade, that prepared it almost the equal of the A-wing inside maneuverability. This kit is fast to assemble plus needs no glue or painting, it has illustrated assembly

List Price: $ 19.99


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Sep 26

A Kickstand and Tripod Mount for ANY Smartphone or Tablet

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Mobile media consumers usually discover existence a small simpler plus more comfortable with all the brand-new Mosy Mount & KiqStiq. Smartphone photographers (aka iphoneographers), videographers, company tourist, or those that employ pill equipment for surfing the internet, video-chatting, plus viewing videos, might discover Art4Medias KiqStiq to be a compact plus easy answer which will create these escapades more enjoyable.

The KiqStiq is made to function with all the Mosy Mount a thin rubber decal which qualities a standard �-20 installing thats suitable with any standard tripod. The Mosy Mount makes it user friendly any tripod to steady the smartphones camera for shake-free movie plus crisper HDR photography. When paired with all the KiqStiq, the Mosy Mount lets consumers keep their hands free when nonetheless being involved with their equipment.

Using a pocket tripod with all the Mosy Mount makes it convenient to ergonomically position a device for typing, movie talking, viewing videos or any additional activity which can promptly become uncomfortable. While the KiqStiq functions awesome because a kickstand, it may additionally be reconfigured for utilize because a right-angle adapter for heavier tripods commonly found inside specialist situations.

Only three-inches lengthy, the Kiqstiq is little plus light enough to keep about a keychain or bookbag. The Mosy Mountd grid shape is trimmed with a pair of scissors to match small equipment which might not provide a method to mount the device about to a tripod.

The Mosy Mount utilizes a sturdy however removable adhesive plus considering it utilizes a standard 1/4-20 thread, it usually function with any standard or pocket tripod. It is durable plus is reapplied several instances. The Kiqstiq is equally durable, because its machined from a strong bar of hardened aluminum.

The authentic Mosy Mount loved worldwide acclaim from hobbyist plus pro smart telephone photographers including photojournalists at the Wall Street Journal. The fresh model is even slimmer plus lighter.

Art4Media is providing pre-orders for a set containing the modern Mosy Mount along with a KiqStiq, through “pledges, at, plus priced considerably lower than the expected retail pice. But, they can just go into creation when Art4Media reaches its funding objective of $ 30,000 by November 11, 2012. Potential investors will pledge because small because $ 2 to aid bring this product to the public, whilst pledges ranging from $ 20 to $ 5000 provide a set of both goods with different color KiqStiqs, a few of that will just be available by this campaign.

To understand a lot more about Art4Medias Kickstarter campaign see their Kickstarter page at

About Art4Media, LLC

San Francisco-based start-up, Art4Media, LLC is a tiny creative services studio, providing photo-image retouching, 2D & 3D illustrations, conceptual renderings plus pre-press file planning. Multimedia services are furthermore accessible from the network of talented associates. �Based inside San Francisco, Art4Media equally designs plus develops Mosy Mount treatments. �For more info please see