Meet Mercedes' new baby, the CLA

Meet Mercedes' fresh baby, the CLA
Revealed for the very first time at a closed-door media reception before the Detroit car show about Monday, the CLA usually enter the Mercedes-Benz line-up below the C-Class at a beginning cost about $ 50,000, or $ 15,000 above related A-Class models, …
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GM's New Corvette Begins Brand Update
The 2014 Corvette may carry the "Stingray" name for the first-time because the 1970s—harking back to a classic generation of the vehicle which inspired numerous of today's target customers—Baby Boomers inside their 50s, whenever they were inside their teenagers. The entry …
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Mariotti: Fashion publications fail inside their tries to cater to folks of
The routine problem regarding fashion publications is the shortage of size variety, with tall plus skinny models manipulated to “perfection.” However lately, publications have tried to include “real” females into fashion stories. In the October matter of Lucky …
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