How Do I Start My Own Photography Business?

Question by Graham K: How Do I Start My Own Photography Company?
I was been into photography for regarding 2 or 3 years today plus i a Nikon D50 along with a Nikon F100. I was wanting to begin a company inside photography. i have shot senior photos for neighbors plus points that way, yet not for funds. i don’t have a back drop or any advantageous lights. i was thinking what will be how to spread the term regarding it plus pricing plus anything else i must recognize. i was planning on specializing inside pet photography. and take portraits plus what not.

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Answer by Kristina
write a company program, write a advertising program, discover light swiftly if you would like to make expert work

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  1. Go get a business license.Advertise your business,create a web site.Include copies of a few photos you have done in the gallery.Yahoo has a free web

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