Introduction to Senior Photography – Business of Senior Photography with Sal Cincotta

This workshop is accessible today! Sal Cincotta has a “take no prisoners” approach …
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Photography Company Pricing Advice

Don’t charge a cost based about what others are charging or perhaps a quantity we select which “feels superior.” Calculate the hours invested before, throughout, along with a…
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8 thoughts on “Introduction to Senior Photography – Business of Senior Photography with Sal Cincotta

  1. This was a great video. Very helpful! I have a question. Toward the end, when Sal is talking about offering the family session for free, how is that presented to them? Is it when they buy the package and they know from the beginning that they get a free session along with the senior session? Or is it after the session and then they are told they get a free family session?

  2. I’ve done quite a few senior portrait sessions which my clients love, (See some at SPiCEphoto com) I even have one who came back to me to cover her wedding! But I’ve been stumbling when it comes to the marketing & sales. As much as I hate to spend money, I’m going to have to purchase this product. Thanks CL & Sal.

  3. I really enjoyed watching. I was so excited when i ran across it. Im just getting started so I’ve only shot 3 seniors( my son his girlfriend and my step daughter) I ready for more!!!

  4. Thank you for such great videos and information. Would be great if you will also talk about Filmmaking and Motion Graphics.

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