CNET On Cars – Can the Tesla Model S unkill the electric car? Ep 3 Tesla S builds its initial auto which could function because over merely the next vehicle, the Top 5 significant tech vehicles you are able to afford as well as the self-…
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  1. It’s all about the efficiency. If the AC motor is more efficient than the DC counterpart, then it’s more efficient. It doesn’t matter if current is greater than volts or the other way around, it’s all about power consumption. A 5kW motor is a 5kW motor, whether or not it’s AC or DC or how much current vs voltage is uses. All that matters is the efficiency of the motor. The stored energy in the battery is a function of the charge and voltage of the cell, not how much voltage the motor uses.

  2. I know very well what an AC induction motor is. I’m just saying that if a DC motor was used in this application, the rate of consumption would be astronomical because DC systems are more current than volts, and in order to propel the Model S to highway speeds, more energy is wasted in that setup. More voltage means more of the stored energy in the battery is being utilized, and therefore is more efficient.

  3. Consumption is consumption, Watts is Watts; the reason they need AC is because the Tesla model S uses an AC induction motor which requires AC to operate. The AC allows the stator to create a rotating magnetic field which induces a current in the rotor. The resulting current flow induces a magnetic field in the rotor that interacts with the rotating stator field which produces the rotational motion.

  4. Wireless, Cosmic Rays or Lighting Charging. Nikola Tesla wrote in his 1916 Patent #1266175 for a Lighting Protector, that he “was earlier able to produce artificial lightning to that comparable in nature with his Wireless Electricity Tower, Wardenclyffe” and send that power wirelessly, at any levels, without loss to any point on the earth. (Tesla Patents 454622, 645576, 649621, 787412 & 1119732)

  5. But you can’t haul a load in an electric bike, nor a second person, if you have to rescue someone.

    Now, a trike: yes you can haul stuff. But, you still can’t haul a second person.

    We still need enclosed vehicles.

  6. That’s one of the best journalists I’ve ever listened to. He is very knowledgeable of what he is talking about. although i’m sure that’s because he probably wants to or does own one.

  7. The self parking is a f…ing pathetic feature. Tight spot, yeah, right. If you can’t park your car into a parking space that big, you are a moron, and have no business driving whatsoever.

  8. your car is very nice but is a slave of autonomy and I I have the formula
    and sell a car just ask these and 30mil dollars that if the car already modified

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