Oct 10

Shure Beta 58A Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone

Shure Beta 58A Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone

Shure Beta 58A Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone

  • Frequency reaction designed for vocals, with brightened midrange plus bass rolloff to control proximity effect
  • Uniform supercardioid pattern for excellent gain before suggestions plus superior rejection off axis sound
  • Neodymium magnet for significant signal to sound output
  • Advanced pneumatic shock mount program which minimizes transmission of mechanical sound plus vibration
  • Minimally affected by differing load impedance

The Shure Beta 58A is a significant output supercardioid dynamic vocal microphone crafted for expert sound reinforcement plus project studio recording. It has become a leading choice amidst vocalists plus touring experts internationally.Designed for pro sound reinforcement plus project studio recording Shure Beta 58A high-output supercardioid dynamic vocal microphone is a good choice for vocalists plus touring experts. Maintaining a true supercardioid pattern throughout its frequency

List Price: $ 300.40


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May 07

Q&A: How do to become a male model?

Question by Tuan P: How do to become a man model?
Hey men, I didn’t wish To ask my neighbors this or they might think I’m homosexual haha, really though. How do I become man model? I was constantly interested plus everyone constantly mentioned I look handsome or sexy consistently plus to be honest I think I have possible, plus I am quite physically fit, yet I really don’t learn how to start.

Best answer:

Answer by Marko Polio
They have casting calls in every main cities. Go look it up found on the internets plus check 1 out which we think looks legit (AKA we don’t pay cash to go to). If they like we they’ll hire we.

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Feb 01

Q&A: How do I become a male model in England?

Question by Jay: How do I become a guy model inside England?
I wish To see when I may become a guy model inside UK. I’m 20, 6 foot 1, advantageous physique plus looks. I only like to see responses from applications.

Which agencies must I be searching at?

Internet application will be greater.


Best answer:

Answer by Kittysue
Storm, Models 1, FM, Select plus Nevs are a few of the top agencies for males inside the UK
There are hyperlinks to all their sites here http://www.associationofmodelagents.org/ama-membership/list-of-current-members.html

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Oct 09

Sabrent Serial ATA (SATA) to Sabrent IDE Ultra ATA-100/133 Port Mini Converter (SBT-STDB)

Sabrent Serial ATA (SATA) to Sabrent IDE Ultra ATA-100/133 Port Mini Converter (SBT-STDB)

Sabrent Serial ATA (SATA) to Sabrent IDE Ultra ATA-100/133 Port Mini Converter (SBT-STDB)

  • Supports any kind of SATA150 Device (DVD, DVD-RAM, MO, CD-ROM, CD-RW, Hard Disk, ?.)
  • 48 pieces LBA could Break Capacity-Limit to Support HDD heavier than 137GB
  • Mini Board size (75mm x 26mm), No area wasted
  • Compliant with Serial ATA 1.0a specifications
  • Supports Spread Spectrum inside receiver
  • 100% hardware bridge converter to help PC, MAC plus Linux environment
  • Compatible with Ultra ATA 133 / 100 / 66 / 33
  • Compliant with ATA specifications
  • Minimum System Requirements

Convert High Capacity SATA Hard Drive plus SATA Storage Device to work with IDE Host Controller atachestis Mini size Dangle board to the back of all kinds of Serial ATA Devices (like Hard Disk, DVD, DVD-RAM, CD-ROM, CD-RW, MO, ….)plus make them become IDE Device to function with IDE host Controller. This Ultra ATA-To-1 Port Serial ATA Converter is the answer for converting a Serial ATA device. It attributes a Serial ATA port to connect SATA equipment like difficult forces, DVD-ROM,or CD-ROM forces

List Price: $ 9.99


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Jul 28

Week 9 – By The Seaside

Some cool how to become a man model images:

Week 9 – By The Seaside
how to become a man model
Image by g d tошиѕнеиdе
52 Weeks – Week 9

I love exploring Parée’s photostream, plus seeing the composites which she puts together. Recently, she’d uploaded a couple of pictures utilizing a information I desired to test, and a background which I completely liked. This really is my initially attempt at a composite synonymous to what Parée does, plus I very like the happen, too.

Background Image: Eric Perrone
Glass Sphere Tutorial: ClaraDon
Model: Moi 😛
Best Viewed: On Black (naturally!) or Original Size (to head over to the processing found on the eyes!)
Notes: Eric Perrone’s background was taken with a Nikon D300, plus my SP, clearly, was taken with my Canon 50D, plus getting the correct EXIF information to appear about Flickr became a bit of the trick because Perrone’s photograph was the background layer, however, I figured out how to do it, however. 😛

For this image, the sky of Perrone’s image was processed differently within the rest of his picture, really because my face was processed a small differently, too.

Although this was uploaded about March 26, I decided not to create this image public till March 27, as well as for advantageous cause, too. It’s my favourite day of the year, considering, regardless how aged I receive, regardless of how much pain older age attempts to place me from (plus now it’s creating my throat plus back rather uncomfortable), regardless of how wrinkly or ugly I could become, it may usually be MY BIRTHDAY!

I took my mum out to dinner past night, because I generally do every week, plus sitting at the table upcoming to you became a young family with 3 youngsters, 2 women along with a boy. Their oldest daughter was celebrating her birthday. I mentioned hi, explained which my birthday was the 27th, as well as the upcoming thing I knew, her family was singing happy birthday to the 2 of you. I don’t recognize why it happens to be, yet I have met numerous folks whose birthdays are about either side of mine.

Many, years ago, 2 neighbors, both females, whom were piece of the group of individuals I utilized to hang out with the time had neighbouring birthdays. One was born on March 26, I was born about March 27, as well as the additional was born about March 28. Every year, whenever the time for the birthdays might come about, all 3 of you might either receive taken out to dinner or treated to a birthday party (the party was frequently held about a day which was not the birthdays plus was constantly a secret till the last minute; I don’t learn how they did it, yet those neighbors constantly managed to surprise you with those parties). 😀

FOOTNOTE: Due to a book I received from my mum for my birthday, it’s pretty potential which my images could become more surreal yet. This really is anything I’ve been wanting a lot. Good light equipment, understanding superior light techniques, combined with my love for surreal pictures. 😀

Male Femme Gender: Playing with girly spandex jeans plus bare midriff | November 2009
how to become a guy model
Image by Jasper Gregory
The jeans are from Brazil. they are 4% spandex as well as cost at a Latina clothing outlet. It took me months too figure out however a effectively installing waist is necessary with low rise jeans like these. With my boy ass, I want absolutely tight plus stretchy jeans otherwise they will likely not remain up. Many girl jeans are produced like an ice-cream cone, super skinny legs along with a great deal of space for the ass. That won’t remain up without damaging the appearance with a belt.
I call this a glam look, It is super body positive, plus feminine without causing transphobia.
The arm warmers are good plus warm. They were at H&M

Dec 04, 2009
I am sitting inside The Tea Room. It is the many San Francisco-like place inside Petaluma. We might not understand we were inside the Egg Basket of The World. Petaluma has a proud spot inside the history of commercial farming.

However anyway… Take a consider my ensemble pictures. I like to discuss certain difficult fought classes I had to understand inside purchase to clothe my body because I want. To take control of my body and just how we communicate with me.

As my imaginary audience you may be a straight, feminine man whom identifies more with girls than males. The body code plus speech are feminine. Folks about you may be constantly struggling to drive we into the identity category ‘gay man’ considering a straight man femininity makes them uncomfortable.
Lately it has become harder plus harder to place up the act of straight masculine identity. We are not ‘Straight Man’, which much is obvious. However what are we? Are you presently Transgender? Are you presently a females? We might’ve heard genderqueer? However what exactly is which anyway? Because you may be not a stylish young lesbian the possibilities of running into a genderqueer is regarding 0.00001%. We, my boy, are royally fucked! We are about your. We are taking up anchor. The sirens of the different identity categories are singing to we.
So anyway here is several information I want I had gotten.
# Congratulations! We are not a guy, however, this refuses to create we a female. We have been socialized because a guy plus it’s a extended procedure to discover the social roles of female, plus to locate ladies that can allow you to practice.
# There are an unlimited amount of socio-cultural roles. A gender is only a character that is constrained to a single sex.
# Decouple a sex (male/female) from a social gender (man/woman, masculine/feminine). Explore unisex genders plus feminine genders.
# Stop wearing ‘Straight Man’ gang hues. Cast off the browns plus blacks.
# How to deploy Feminine Markers . We have to become an expert at fashion. We should learn how to upset gender expectations to the actual degree we want.

May 21

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home 3 TB External Hard Drive STAM3000100, Black

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home 3 TB External Hard Drive STAM3000100, Black

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home 3 TB External Hard Drive STAM3000100, Black

  • Connects to your WiFi router, enabling convenient, wireless access to all your files from any PC or Mac computer in the home
  • Automatically and continuously back up files and folders from up to 3 PC and Mac computers in the home ? Time Machine software compatible*
  • Stream movies, photos and music to PCs, Mac computers, game consoles and GoFlex TV HD media player
  • Simple setup in just minutes
  • Share a USB printer with every PC and Mac computer in the home

The GoFlex Home network storage system connects to your WiFi router, allowing you to wirelessly store andaccess files and back up multiple computers in the home. The GoFlex Home network storage system includessoftware to automatically and continuously back up all the files and folders on up to 3 PC and Mac® computers inthe home*.By storing files in a central location on your network, you can use one drive for all your storage and backup needs.When connected to your home WiFi router, the GoFlex

List Price: $ 239.99


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May 14

Could small tattoos on places that can be covered with clothing affect me become a male model?

Question by Vampy king: Could small tattoos on places that can be covered with clothing affect me become a male model?
Ok so I would like to become a male model but I love tattoos, I would like to get small tattoos in places that can be very easily hidden with clothing. Would they affect me becoming a male fashion model? What if I were to put tattoo concealer on them, would that help?

Best answer:

Answer by ♥ĸяαzƴ Sωεεт Нεαят♥
A tattoo is definitely going to affect the type of jobs you are booked on as well as the type of agency that would be willing to sign you. I would get into an agency first without any tattoos, then speak to your agent to see if they will allow you to get them

You have your whole life to get tattoos, there is no reason to limit your modeling potential before you even start.

Good luck! Xx

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May 13

How to become a male model at 15?

Question by : How to become a male model at 15?
I’ve been wanting to try and become a male model but I’m not sure how to do that?
I have bright very blue eyes dark brown hair almost black about 5 foot 6 inches tall… I’m about 120lbs. I think thats everything…? Thanks for all answers
Also is there any kind of workout I should be doing? I’m kinda skinny and not very muscular?

Best answer:

Answer by zeeba
a picture would be great.
but, you will have to find an agent, and submit your pictures

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