Feb 21

Sculpey Amazing Eraser Clay – 6 Colors/1oz each

Sculpey Amazing Eraser Clay – 6 Colors/1oz each

Sculpey Amazing Eraser Clay - 6 Colors/1oz each

  • Oven-bake modeling clay which becomes a real eraser following it is actually baked inside a normal oven for 10 minute

Amazing Eraser Clay is oven-bake modeling clay which becomes a real eraser following it is very baked inside a normal oven for 10 minutes. Amazing Eraser Clay is molded, sculpted, stamped or patterned, really like standard Sculpey clays, to create a vibrant assortment of usable erasers. Set of 6 involves 1 1 oz. bar of every blue, green, orange, pink, purple, yellow; sculpting tool; clay roller; plus instructions. Set of 8 involves 1 2 oz. bar of every white, orange, brown, blue, pink, yellow, green, plus p

List Price: $ 8.77


Nov 23

Behringer AM400 Ultra Acoustic Modeler Ultimate Electric-To-Acoustic Guitar Modeling Effects Pedal

Behringer AM400 Ultra Acoustic Modeler Ultimate Electric-To-Acoustic Guitar Modeling Effects Pedal

Behringer AM400 Ultra Acoustic Modeler Ultimate Electric-To-Acoustic Guitar Modeling Effects Pedal

  • Achieve realistic acoustic guitar modeling utilizing any electrical guitar
  • Real Sound Modeling (RSM) combines state-of-the-art DSP development with sophisticated algorithms to emulate real acoustic environments
  • 4 authentic acoustic simulations: standard, big, piezo plus bright with built-in reverb, optimized for acoustic-guitar simulation
  • 2 individual outputs help effortless switching between electrical plus acoustic guitar sounds whenever utilizing 2 separate amps
  • Blue status LED for impact on/off plus power check

BEHRINGER ULTRA ACOUSTIC MODELER AM400 Ultimate Electric-to-Acoustic Guitar Modeling Effects Pedal Achieve realistic acoustic guitar modeling utilizing any electrical guitar Real Sound Modeling (RSM) combines state-of-the-art DSP technologies with sophisticated algorithms to emulate real acoustic conditions 4 authentic acoustic simulations: standard, big, piezo plus bright with built-in reverb, optimized for acoustic-guitar simulation 2 individual outputs help effortless switching between electrical plus

List Price: $ 59.99


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Sep 12

How to Cheat in Maya 2012: Tools and Techniques for Character Animation

How to Cheat inside Maya 2012: Tools plus Tips for Character Animation

How to Cheat inside Maya 2012: Tools plus Tips for Character Animation

The Maya guide for animators, How to Cheat inside Maya 2012 presents everything you ought to recognize regarding character animation inside Maya. Fully up-to-date for the newest revision of Maya, this book delivers we with complete, step-by-step walkthroughs of important animation techniques to strengthen a efficiency plus speed. This really is an animator’s workflow inside book shape, created by specialist animators-not a software book with a limited animation tips tossed inside. Additionally to all of the gold-mine coverage plus inside

List Price: $ 44.95


Feb 08

InstaMorph – Moldable Plastic – 12 oz

InstaMorph – Moldable Plastic – 12 oz

InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic - 12 oz

  • Super sturdy moldable plastic pellets.
  • Heat, mold, plus utilize in minutes. Reheat to remold over and over.
  • Great for all kinds of art, interests, prototypes, props, modeling, etc.
  • Create custom grips, mounts, brackets, knobs, dials, plus connectors without molds.
  • 12 oz of InstaMorph inside a conveneint fuck top storage jar. Enough for different projects inside a single jar.

InstaMorph is an advanced modeling substance which melts inside hot water or air (140 deg F) plus solidifies at space temperature. Whenever warm, it works like clay, yet whenever it cools it resembles a sturdy plastic. Unlike additional items which when they dry they are secured because form forever, InstaMorph is reheated over plus over again plus re-molded into any quantity of designs.

When InstaMorph is heated to molding temperature, the pellets turn obvious. When the plastic cools, it returns to its orig

List Price: $ 19.99


Jan 14

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Meet the Scots model kids that are following in the footsteps of Romeo Beckham
They don't take it personally when they don't receive a job. “I thought for my youngsters it might additionally be a wise method for those to earn several income to place into savings accounts for whenever they're elder. Child modelling is not regarding being aesthetically pleasing …
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Paulina Gretzky appears about Flare cover following 2005 first in same magazine
“I wish To be a triple risk. I wish To receive into everything: singing, performing, modeling. I love it all,” she mentioned at the time — she introduced the single "Collecting Dust" inside 2006 plus is currently "putting together a team of producers" inside the hopes of …
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Meet the model: Sophie Dillon
Sophie Dillon, 20, about modelling which runs inside the family as well as the problems of picture shoots inside six inch heels. Sophie Dillon, 20, about modelling which runs inside the family as well as the risks of photograph shoots inside six inch heels. Tweet. Whenever did we receive into modelling …
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Sep 27

Fire Fighter Creates App to Save Lives

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

The Extraction Zones application is a mobile application which is downloaded to any telephone or pill. The application delivers firefighters plus rescue groups with effortless to read renderings of the structural supports, airbags plus energy plus propulsion systems of favored cars. This info enables initially responders to immediately determine the quickest, plus safest, path for extracting travelers.

In purchase to extract a passenger within the car, its important which the Emergency Medical Team avoid setting off the airbag program or cut into an electric program. But, because automobile producers continue to incorporate fresh systems plus accessories to their product, emergency technicians, firefighters, authorities officers, plus additional personnel are facing modern challenges.

With the Extraction Zones application, initially responders have the database they require to conserve lives plus safeguard themselves. Extraction Zones offers firefighters plus rescue groups with renderings of the running systems, structural supports, airbag places, plus different info for favored cars. This information is selected to immediately, plus securely, extract travelers from cars which have been associated inside injuries.

When cutting persons from automobile wreckage, speed is of the essence, but, unique cars have hidden airbags, harmful batteries plus high-voltage wires running from them, creating it a task riddled with difficulties. For fire-fighters plus rescuers, a misplaced cut might signify a lethal surprise.

Las Vegas fire-fighter plus paramedic Adam Weiss was becoming worried regarding the improving dangers of the lifesaving process, thus he looked up Texas-based shape fast Bohemian Innovation. Together, he thought, they can innovate their method from the issue.

The happen is Extraction Zones, an application for iPhone, iPad plus Android. It has structural layouts of prevalent vehicles. Included are the places of hot spots including seatbelt pretensioners, airbags plus electric systems, thus consumers recognize where — plus where not — to result in the important incisions.

Using manufacturers’ schematics, the team created well-defined, colour-coded images of every automobile, highlighting individual models. The application has been downloaded by over 7,000 firefighters all over the world.

Time is important inside emergency cases, thus the team eliminated the app’s splash page plus created a easy three-step menu. Extraction Zones is aimed at the pros however, it not hurts to be prepared plus we thought the grocery-shopping application had been a lifesaver!

Even when the Jaws of Life is not utilized, you nevertheless need to disconnect the batteries to receive folks from the automobile securely, mentioned Adam Weiss, co-founder of Extraction Zones, ex- firefighter plus paramedic. After every accident, regardless of how minor, the car should be secure. Traffic accidents are the 2nd most commonly known call following emergency healthcare responses, over fires. On average 80% of calls are medically associated including traffic injuries plus emergency healthcare responses. 115 folks die inside traffic injuries everyday inside the United States plus over 6 million traffic injuries per year, Weiss states.

The extrication tools chosen by initially responders are very effective plus necessary to saving the lives of vehicle collision victims. The scenarios which these people find themselves inside, is upcoming to impossible for a typical individual to understand.

The Extraction Zones application offers place info for airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, electrical plus propulsion systems, and structural reinforcements for most top vehicles found on the road in addition to many crossbreed cars. Users can view this info all at when or just see relevant info by hiding components because required. Extraction Zones additionally delivers an alternative evening mode for darker surroundings.

The application has been showcased inside Wired Magazine UK, Wired.com, Autoblog.com plus many newly the September 2011 matter of Fire Safety Magazine. Extraction Zones is distributed from the iTunes application plus Google Play. It is crafted to function about over 40 different phones working found on the Android program as well as the iPhone.

Extraction Zones aim is to offer an application crafted to aid firefighters plus initial responders extract guests from cars included inside injuries. Speeding up this extraction time may conserve lives, plus enable emergency personnel to do their job to the greatest of their abilities.

Extraction Zones mission is to supply emergency technicians, firefighters, authorities, plus additional initial responders with important car info which enables those to instantly bypass numerous systems plus accessories so that they could fast, plus securely, eliminate guests caught inside cars. You are able to observe this good movie to discover much more about the Extraction Zones application.


Extraction Zones is owned plus operated by Michael Forte plus Adam Weiss.

Michael Forte has been a serial entrepreneur for over a decade plus has strong experience inside technologies licensing, sales, creative plus company development. Michael Forte has been associated with development licensing, sales, plus create plus company development for over a decade. He is co-founder plus CEO of App Hive, that has absolutely brought applications to market. As the co-founder plus CEO of Extraction Zones Michael brings company acumen, intuition, plus experience.

Adam Weiss brings real planet experience to Extraction Zones, based about his function because a firefighter plus paramedic for the previous decade. He has specialized inside car extraction plus emergency health services. Adam Weiss knowledge plus experience has been earned found on the front lines of car extrication plus emergency health service. For over a decade, Adam has risked his lifetime to protect the lives of others. As the co-founder of Extraction Zones, he’ll continue to employ his knowledge plus contacts to incorporate value plus level to the organization.

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Jul 27

Q&A: How to get into modelling around Burlington, North Carolina?

Question by John: How to get into modelling around Burlington, North Carolina?
My buddy and I would love to get into modelling so we could make some money, and would love to do some modelling for cash. We are both very serious and mature and would love to know how to get into it in and around Burlington, North Carolina. And tips or suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Brittany Crawford
check craigslist. and check on google for ur area. jsut write modeling in burlington NC it should pull something up

i found this when i did

Search ResultsPlaces for modeling near Burlington, NC
Locke Management – Place page
lockemanagement.com – 620 S Elm St # 361, Greensboro – (336) 273-1224
Marilyn’s Inc – Place page
www.marilynsagency.com – 601 Norwalk Street, Greensboro – (336) 292-5950
Directions USA – Place page
www.directionsusa.com – 3922 West Market Street, Greensboro – (336) 292-2800
C&M Photographics – Place page
www.boudoirimage.com – 2910 Groometown Road, Greensboro – (336) 855-3116
CherVeli Media – Place page
www.tcmgmtco.com – 2400 Freeman Mill Rd, Suite 101-O, Greensboro – (336) 662-3222
Sassy Q Modeling Agency – Place page
www.sassyqmodels.webs.com – 401 East Lakewood Avenue, Durham – (919) 323-7135
John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center – 2 Google reviews
www.jcasablancas.com – 601 Cascade Pointe Ln # 103, Cary – (919) 677-8300

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

May 30

Wall Toilets A Trendy, Space Saving Bathroom Solution – are Introduced by HomeThangs.com Home Improvement Super Store

(PRWEB) October 06, 2012

HomeThangs.com the Home Improvement Super Store has produced their objective to deliver the appropriate product to the customer, with which in your mind, buying plus house shape strategies, plus unique product choices are being introduced.

Wall toilets are creeping into designer bathrooms everywhere. These are toilets with tanks installed straight into the wall, plus bowls which dont touch the ground, suspended wonderfully found on the wall inside a good compact package. However people believe these toilets are not for them which theyre difficult to install, difficult to keep, etc.

HomeThangs.com introduced a selection of wall toilets and a tip sheet to dispel the normal myths, – the truth is, wall toilets are more user-friendly than numerous think, plus theyre really an good area saving way for a little bathroom.


Theres a myth which theres anything mystically difficult regarding installing a wall bathroom, in truth which only isnt the case. Installing a wall installed bathroom isnt a lot more complicated than installing any alternative bathroom. The catch is, it needs to be completed either because piece of the main remodel or inside brand-new construction. Unlike many toilets, that are installed at the end of the procedure plus could consequently be conveniently changed out, wall hung toilets, like the City Wall Toilet from GSI for illustration, need to be installed before the bathrooms drywall is completed, considering the tank has to be built straight into the wall cavity between your studs, as well as the bathroom bowl itself securely installed to the wall for stability before the tank is walled inside plus painted or tiled over.

2.����Easy To Maintain

Many persons respond to the idea of a in-wall tank with all the immediate plus fervent belief which these a tank will be impossible to keep. Images of getting to rip out their ideal tile wall each time the bathroom begins running has them headed for the mountains plus unwilling to provide wall toilets another thought. But the truth is, wall installed toilets, like the Water Sense Pro Toilet from Laufen, for illustration, need flush mechanisms, plus those push-button design mechanisms are built into big plates, that can be removed plus serve because an access panel to the tank inside the wall no demo required when the bathroom requires a repair. It may be a somewhat more cramped workspace, however, additional than which, the repair is not a more complicated than any alternative bathroom.

3.����Price Range

Wall toilets is pricey, however, because with any deluxe item thats beginning to become commonly accepted, costs range everywhere. Some of priciest models peak inside the just-over-$ 1k range, yet you could moreover discover equal wall toilets inside the same couple-hundred-bucks range because a standard, good quality Water Sense bathroom. So if cost is the leading prohibiting element, there are numerous less-expensive models, like the S20 Toilet from Vitra, that clocks inside at inside the fair $ 250 neighborhood.

4.����Easy To Clean

One of the worst points regarding standard floor mount toilets is how difficult they are to wash plus to wash about. Theres usually the room behind plus about the bathroom thats difficult to reach, the dust plus gunk collecting bends plus bumps found on the base, as well as the nebulous location at the base of the bathroom itself. Wall toilets, like the smooth, sleek, Moai Wall Toilet from Scarabeo, for illustration, eliminate all these considering they dont touch the floor, its effortless to sweep or mop beneath them plus all of the method to the wall, plus considering the complex bendy plumbing is inside the wall, all which has to be cleaned found on the bathroom itself is a good smooth curvy bowl, that is usually completed with a hygienic, convenient to wash glaze.

5.����Adjustable Height

Because wall toilets are installed straight to the wall, they provide the distinctive versatility to select how significant off the ground the bathroom ought to be installed. This 1 may not appear super significant for those whom like the standard 15 3/4. But for somebody truly tall fairly tall, surprisingly tiny, or trying to find a raised bathroom for convenience, this is truly advantageous. In truth, theres a entire subset of wall installed toilets which are ADA approved, like the Flushometer bathroom by TOTO, for those with disabilities.

6.����Water Saving plus Dual Flush Features Are Standard

Low flow plus double flush toilets are finally beginning to certainly catch on, however, whilst its nevertheless a possibly perhaps not way for standard toilets, 1 will be hard pushed to obtain wall toilets without both. Something like the Aquia Dual Flush from Toto has a very standard 1.6GPF big flush along with a 0.8 GPF small flush, that may add as much as great water savings extended expression, allow alone toilets which employ even less.

7.����Smart for Small Bathrooms

The largest myth to dispel, is the fact that wall toilets are just for big deluxe bathrooms. The truth is, theres not been a smarter, more elegant answer for a little bathroom. There are a great deal of frilly deluxe products available, aspects which may be good to have, however, which arent absolutely purely important. But in a fairly little bathroom, wall toilets like the Sunrise Toilet by Vitra, is a definite must-have. In truth, they utilize the area inside the walls before utilizing up floor area. The absence of the tank enables taking the bathroom closer to the wall, both hugely starting up the floor area plus usually exiting a greater horizontal clearance, too, thus the bathroom is installed closer to different accessories, like a bathroom vanity, without crowding it.

8.����Weight Requirements

Wall toilets, like the Wish Toilet by Scarabeo, for illustration, need to be extremely firmly secured in the wall plus blocked inside, not just to help the fat of the bathroom, and to help the fat of anybody utilizing it. Too much fat as well as the wall help may not be capable to handle it, unlike standard toilets that have a strong porcelain base. So if the fat limit (normally about 250lbs) is a concern, 1 must ensure to keep an eye out for the fat limits of the certain toilets.

HomeThangs.com is not just a house improvement superstore, it additionally delivers expert shape strategies along with a comprehensive buying guide, taking the inspirations from expert inside designers, plus providing tricks to the customers for you to choose the treatments to right suit their requires.

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Feb 06

Health Care DataWorks to Lead Educational Programs Aimed at Helping Health Systems Prepare for Value-based Purchasing

Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

Health Care DataWorks, Inc. (HCD), the leading provider of company intelligence solutions plus medical analytics, is taking a main character to educate hospital plus wellness systems regarding Value-based Buying.

Value-based Buying (VBP) is a system within the Centers for Medicare plus Medicaid Services (CMS), powerful October 1, 2012, inside that a part of Medicare reimbursements is withheld based about how perfectly hospitals work about 20 core measures, ranging from individual reassurance to standard of care. The high the performance scores, the better the chance for hospital plus wellness systems to make back withheld reimbursements.

On September 25, 2012, at 2 p.m. EST, Health Care DataWorks CEO Detlev H. (Herb) Smaltz can host a free webinar to detail info which will help wellness systems evaluate their core measures, providing useful understanding because to how to manage scores plus receive into a stronger position to retain Medicare $ . HCD may explain how its KnowledgeEdge VBP application is employed to reduce the reduction of reimbursements which wellness systems could experience due to the CMS laws. Those interested inside the informational session may register at http://www.hcdataworks.com/events/VBP-webinar.htm

In addition, Smaltz usually deliver a presentation about Value-based Buying at the WVHIMSS/WVHFMA fall knowledge plus networking meeting, The Changing Seasons of Healthcare, to be held September 26-28 at Snowshoe Mountain Resort inside West Virginia. Smaltzs presentation, entitled Are We Prepared for Value-based Buying, about September 27 at 10:20 the.m. EST is geared to healthcare experts that are seeking to proactively manage the VBP measures to possibly secure more Medicare reimbursements. To understand regarding the meeting, see http://www.wvhimss.com

About Health Care DataWorks, Inc.

Health Care DataWorks, Inc., a leading provider of company intelligence solutions, empowers healthcare companies to better their standard of care plus minimize fees. Through its pioneering KnowledgeEdge product suite, including its enterprise information model, analytic dashboards, applications plus reports, Health Care DataWorks provides an Enterprise Data Warehouse needed for hospitals plus wellness systems to effectively plus effectively gain deeper insights into their operations. For more info, see http://www.hcdataworks.com