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Q&A: Modelling career?

Question by Missy: Modelling career?
well i wanted to ask this question because ı’m interested in Turkish people’s point of view

so here is my story and I’m expecting your answer and comments on it:

as some of you maybe know, I’m a dancer. I also teach people at dance studios.
my familt is not really pleased with it, because you know how people think when you tell them that you are a dancer. they think that you are kind of easy to get, a cheap girl.
but anyway i love dancing and i like any job that includes shoe business.
after one of my dane performances, someone from a known ( at least some people know) modelling agency offered me a job, as a model
he said that i have almost all the characteristics to be a model.
i would accept this if i were alone
but now I’m not sure, because of my parents. I’m 99% sure that they won’t let me. and i can partly understand them
i also have no experience as a model but he said that i can learn.
my parents think that i have a bright future. i study law and I’m quite good at school
actually they were always scared of the fact that i might become a dancer one day

and i don’t know what to do now
shall i tell them

how would u react if you were in the same situation as a parent?
i meant show business, not somethin about shoes 😀
to anlarm;

i danced ballet for 5 years when i was small
but now i dance ballroom and latin such as samba, jive, cha cha, walts, but mainly salsa

Best answer:

Answer by cs
follow your dreams and if ur parents love you they should support u

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Oct 20

Cool Modelling Career images

A limited good modelling job pictures I found:

My Modeling Career
modelling career
Image by ldandersen
My Mom delivered me this over the weekend. It’s a picture from an early 1980s problem of the Denver nation club life-style magazine "Club Ties." One of the friends growing up knew somebody that worked found on the magazine, plus they recruited my brother Ben (the blonde child found on the left) plus me to model for a fashion spread up inside the mountains.

As you are able to see from my Lacoste jacket plus small Adidas sneakers, I had an impeccable sense of fashion back then (it’s just been downhill from there). Not certain regarding the man whom was expected to be my Dad though–I think he’s a small too tan to have fathered me.

The most entertaining details regarding the magazine, by the technique, has to function as the advertisements inside it. One of them, for illustration, is for anything called "Hughes Jet Club." Greed is advantageous indeed!

My guy modeling career
modelling career
Image by ghirson
New for 1986! That makes me…3.

modelling career
Image by roberthuffstutter

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How to Become a Model

How to Become a Model

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Jun 30

Q&A: How do i start my modeling career?

Question by Gerardo G.: How do i begin my modeling profession?
Im 15 plus reside inside Sacramento, California plus i wish To begin a modeling profession plus i only don’t learn where to begin!! Should you men may assist out with anything it is appreciated thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Grayson
There are a great amount of possible obstacles for teens inside function, many legal, parents plus guardians need to be vigilant regarding which. There is a great amount of assistance within the website inside the box under about this matter, they have assistance for all individuals that are looking for function, or that need to change jobs.

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