Mar 21

Artograph 12-Inch by 17-Inch Light Pad Light Box

Artograph 12-Inch by 17-Inch Light Pad Light Box

Artograph 12-Inch by 17-Inch Light Pad Light Box

  • Shed light about any crafting project with repair free LED lamps
  • Includes light box, 4 optional rubber feet, safety sleeve plus AC/DC energy adapter
  • Imported

Super bright LED lights give a well even illuminated surface that’s ideal for scrapbooking, calligraphy, sewing, quilting, stenciling, plus more. The LED lights are upkeep free plus can last as much as 30000-hours. This light box attributes a trim 5/8-inch profile, a durable plus appealing aluminum plus steel frame, a double-layered fast function surface, plus comes with a custom protective storage sleeve. This package contains 1 12 by 17-inch light box with a 10 by 15-inch lighted function surface

List Price: $ 249.99


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Sep 01

Q&A: What are some interesting facts about fashion photography?

Question by Ocean_Mist: What are certain interesting details regarding fashion photography?
And how is physics associated to fashion photography. Like specify whenever and just how you’d utilize it. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Denny
Interesting Question! :)

ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS; “A pic is value 1000 words”

Fashion plus photography is a globe of art plus artists expressing themself inside their own small technique.
Fashion is not the clothing, its the technique you wear the clothing, the technique you apply the fashion as well as the technique you select to express ourself.
Believe it or not, yet fashion is moreover a code. If you wear dresses, we represent oneself. I may consider we plus state 100 points regarding we, despite the reality I dont recognize we.. Always remember which everything we wear, is we representing yourelf plus providing others their opinions.
Fashion is all regarding expressing plus art.. Us, designers create dresses depending about the mood. Im a designer inside generating, meaning im not an actual fashion designer yet im planning to be element of the industry plus I create my dresses. I moreover do photography.. plus both of those is simply me me plus I expressing my mood plus again, creativity.

Its all regarding what that you can do with a camera or perhaps a sewing needle. When a photographer is sad, he takes a black plus white shot of the sad time or of the sad rainy, dark-clouded weather.. whenever a designer is sad he makes a big black dress plus puts black lipstic plus dark makeup found on the model… we understand what I mean? like its all regarding being creative plus creative simultaneously, its all regarding providing others a part of art, anything we prepared by your insparation,,,,

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May 15

What are some ways you can helpfully and positively critique a gifted model with depth and feeling?

Question by savage_insight: What are certain techniques you are able to helpfully plus definitely review a gifted model with level plus feeling?
I’ve been an artist for years today plus I’ve loved using live types inside art pieces, whether drawing, sculpture, or many newly, artistic/fashion photography.

I’ve been blessed with many friendships over time with really beautiful plus gifted models whom absolutely inspire me, however I’ve not managed to come up with words beyond “gorgeous, beautiful, inspiring,” etc. to share suggestions plus my appreciation, plus to aid inspire my neighbors.

It’s constantly been a small music inside the background, me asking those to discover a feeling plus truly allow it loose, certain time functioning, plus then which fun plus magical time where the 2 of we discuss the pieces.

I’d like to receive anything more of when whilst we’re creating plus to be capable to review not only mine, however, different people’s function detailed plus very the function a model puts inside.

Best answer:

Answer by Charlie P
Instead of utilizing words which objectify the model think of all of the words there are which express feelings plus thoughts, incredibly those you need to evoke from the model. Insert those words into the running patter with the model plus observe them function “miracles.” You are able to nonetheless utilize the words “breathtaking, beautiful, inspiring,” plus synonymous however, today they may become modifiers to the sensation words.

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Feb 22

The Display Model Canvas Print / Canvas Art – Artist Wingsdomain Art and Photography

The Display Model Canvas Print / Canvas Art – Artist Wingsdomain Art plus Photography

The Display Model Canvas Print / Canvas Art - Artist Wingsdomain Art plus Photography

  • Museum Quality Canvas Print
  • Gallery Wrapped about 1.5″ Stretcher Bars
  • Arrives “Ready to Hang” with Hanging Wire, Mounting Hooks, plus Nails
  • Available inside a Variety of Sizes
  • Includes 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

This really is a stunning stretched-canvas print wrapped about 1.5″ thick stretcher bars. The print is professionally printed, assembled, plus shipped inside 2 – 3 company days from the manufacturing center inside North Carolina plus arrives ready-to-hang about the wall. Fine Art America is house to over 75,000 artists from all over the globe whom entrust you to fulfill their print orders online. We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee about each print which you sell plus look forward to assisting you choose the upcoming

List Price: $ 189.39


Jan 12

The Invention of the Model: Artists and Models in Paris, 1830-1870 Reviews

The Invention for the Model: Artists and Models in Paris, 1830-1870

The Invention for the Model: Artists and versions in Paris, 1830-1870

Although mastery of the representation of this man figure had been main to art generating as early as the fifteenth century in Europe, in the nineteenth-century, French imagination the singer’s model became recognized as a definite personal kind and social trope. This research of musician’s design in Paris between 1830 and 1870 incorporates three histories: a social history of professional models, a cultural history of designs as personal kinds, and an art form history of representations of design in elite

List Cost: $ 149.95


POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY June 1951 Circus Pictures, Posing Your Model, Amateur Movies

End Date: Thursday Nov-16-2017 10:33:39 PST
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The Model Posing Guide for Fashion and Glamour Photography by John Lucassian...
End Date: Wednesday Nov-8-2017 14:30:20 PST
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Jan 10

Reaching Your Creative Potential

Reaching Your Creative Potential

Reaching Your Creative Potential

It will be possible to reach your imaginative potential. All it will take may be the readiness to change a perspective. This guide will help anybody who is prepared to change inside themselves and find what is keeping all of them right back.

There is certainly a ‘Muse’ within every one of us that will help result in an external expression regarding the passion we hold within. Using meditation, self hypnosis also resources Reaching Your imaginative Potential delves into the really core of an individual and enables that imaginative spark to fl



End Date: Monday Nov-6-2017 12:50:09 PST
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End Date: Thursday Nov-9-2017 17:45:58 PST
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Jan 03

The Photos Behind Norman Rockwell's Iconic Holiday Paintings

The Pictures Behind Norman Rockwell's Famous Holiday Paintings
“They tend to be unmistakable with regards to their mindful staging and composition, along with his models' distinctly 'Rockwellian' expressions.” The painter began making use of photography when you look at the 1930s. He was the kind of singer that has to continuously see just what he was sketching …
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Fashion Execs Respond To Tough French Law on Slim Models
Not [just] Photoshop, but even method we utilize light can alter the look [of a model].” “There's one thing shocking about removing the artistic measurement: Without retouching, there wouldn't have now been Philippe Halsman and Irving Penn's …
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Dec 29

Groups of Artists: The Venetian Painters of the Renaissance(illustrated) Reviews

Groups of Artists: The Venetian Painters of this Renaissance(illustrated)

Groups of Artists: The Venetian Painters of Renaissance(illustrated)



I. Worth of Venetian Art

II. The Church and Painting

III. The Renaissance

IV. Artwork in addition to Renaissance

V. Pageant Photos

VI. Painting plus the Confraternities

VII. Easel Photographs and Giorgione

VIII. The Giorgionesque Spirit

IX. The Portrait

X. The Teenage Titian

XI. Evident Failure associated with Renaissance

XII. Lotto

XIII. The Belated Renaissance and Titian


YASUO KUJIRAI Photo Book C'EST UN AMOUR - MODEL KEI (1990/Very Good/4.0)

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SIGNED Arthur Elgort Models Manual Fashion Photography Vogue Cindy Crawford PB
End Date: Wednesday Nov-15-2017 8:49:37 PST
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