Model Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes at Fashion Bloodhound

A little behind the scenes movie from my Fashion Bloodhound shoot – to find the final pictures go to With because of Ray Mang fo…
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25 thoughts on “Model Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes at Fashion Bloodhound

  1. anybody knows the song in this vid? please. Ruth you look great, that’s how models should be, great bod!

  2. You are beautiful & stunning. Love to see you have an awesome curvy body and you are not an stick like some models out there. x

  3. I got scouted many years ago and I’m now 28. My mom recently told me she regrets holding me back instead of pushing me forward and, although I’m pretty happy with life, I sometimes wonder where it might have taken me when I watch these vids :)

  4. Wow that make up looked so good on you, really fresh, young and glowy. P.s I would have been so tempted to grab the chanel and runnnnnn.

  5. thanks for posting this video i think its interesting to see what goes on in photo shoots when all people usually see is the picture that is the finished product

  6. this video was great….i am an aspiring makeup artist and photographer…so this gave me a little peek into the world of that as well. and i just adored the bags! lions and tigers and bags, oh my!

  7. Hi Ruth,
    Could you perhaps try to duplicate this look in a tutorial??? If ya have the time :) Love this look. x

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