5 Elegant Model Photography Setups – tutorial

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Fashion Model Sarah Marie by Arthur St. John Photography

Go Behind The Scenes about a Photo Shoot with Fashion Model Sarah Marie plus Fashion Photographer Arthur St. John. Photographer Arthur St. John www.ArthurStJohn.com www.FaceBook.com www.Twitter.com Model Sarah Marie www.modelmayhem.com www.myspace.com Hair Stylist plus Make-up Artist Leann Richey Behind The Scenes Videographer Ricardo Ramos Behind The Scenes Video Editor Greyson Delgado Thanks for viewing plus supporting ! SARAH MARIE www.MODELMAYHEM.com www.MYSPACE.com ARTHUR ST. JOHN PHOTOGRAPHY plus CASTING www.ARTHURSTJOHN.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “5 Elegant Model Photography Setups – tutorial

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  2. Good afternoon! Have you considered photo sfxart tricks (google it)? My cooworker Elisa made some mind blowing photos with their video lessons.

  3. Great tutorial, and good on you for going through the umbrella, reflector etc – this isn’t something you normally see in tutorials!

  4. I am using Speedlights and I assume the set up will be the same in the softbox. I am going to buy an umbrella soon.

  5. Thank you for one of the most SIMPLEST tutorials out there….
    IanLynPhotography-Freelance Cause Pictures Don’t Lie on facebook!
    I made this a permanent link on my page.

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. I was at a toss up on how gold reflectors and silver are different, this showed me. Love that warm tone from them. I noticed some umbrellas recently that had spilt gold and silver panels, and thought they were a great idea, Thanks for paying forward! Best success!

  7. The size of a softbox or umbrella has nothing to do with the amount it will illuminate a subject. The size determines the quality of light and thats what is all about. And in this case bigger is better.

  8. Hi! The photo from 6:33 looks a little bit odd… maybe u were using wide angle? Try to use something like 50-85mm and go a bit back… i think it will fix it… Thanks for the video… it was very nice to watch it :)

  9. Find me a professional photographer that doesn’t use Photoshop, they’re probably not a professional or making any money from it.

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  11. Sexy-ass model but holy cow… use some different music next time :)

    That song if by J-Lo? Ugh… let’s just say it’s not her best work lol.

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