How you start or create a Fashion Modeling Agency ?

Question by Ray: How we begin or create a Fashion Modeling Agency ?
I’m hunting into beginning my own Fashion Model Agency later inside existence yet i like to commence to bulid about it today however i don’t recognize how to start to commence 1? Some individuals i have speak to inside the Fashion industry keeps offering me the run about.
I’m currently a Photographer, Wardrobe stylist plus Fashion blogger all willing.
Please send me info, hyperlinks plus suggestions…


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Answer by Alex
start by generating me a sammich, then do my wash.

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2 thoughts on “How you start or create a Fashion Modeling Agency ?

  1. If you look at the new agencies who make it, they were all started either by top agents who left an established agency and took their models with them,or were started by former models who had thousands of connections in the industry
    Being a photographer, stylist and blogger is a good way to make connections but until you can work as a booker in an agency to understand who the key players are, how to negotiate rates, how to write a contract, how to market your new models, etc, you won’t make it

    Even being a top agent breaking away is no guarantee of success – there are plenty of top agents who thought they could start their own agency only go close their doors a year or two later

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