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FashionTV Interviews Top Photographer Jason Bassett!
Ever questioned what it's like needing to picture a few of the world's many gorgeous models, travel to the many exotic destinations, plus following the creative desires… day in plus out? So, American fashion photographer, Jason Bassett, is living …
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Models who'll just have make-up used inside their rest. Others thus terrified of
However even which 'model' had nothing found on the pampered pooches I worked with. Virtually each photographer or fashion designer owns a dog. These are typically treated like royalty. One photographer need you supply the best fillet steak for his pet — at £80 a pop.
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Israeli Law Bans Skinny, BMI-Challenged Models
Israeli fashion photographer Adi Barkan initiated the legislation to control fashion models' weight. His inspiration: Hila Elmaliah, an anorexic friend plus model whom weighed 60 pounds whenever she died inside 2007. His next campaign up against the …
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As If's Tatijana Shoan Talks Fashion, Photography
Shoan's photography spans a range of designs, from cool fashion shoots at New York's Chelsea Hotel, to pictures of movie manufacturers Arnold plus Anne Kopelson which have the voyeuristic standard of Helmut Newton's function, to Deborah Turbeville-style shots for a …
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