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Behind the photographer II
fashion model photographers
Image by Jiuck
Model; Marta Castillo
Photographer portrayed: Iris cogolludo
Designer; Jurena Munoz
Assistants; Xavi Pomar & Jose Gomez
Photographer & pic edit; Jiuck

Fashioning their futures: Club offers Vista Grande pupils jump commence about
Fashion club members did everything themselves, from composing plus choreographing the show, choosing the music, designing the set plus managing modeling auditions to scheduling rehearsals, advertising the show to the school plus staging the creation …
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Good information, bad new for St. Louis fashion fans
St. Louis Fashion Week. The event, instigated by fashion photographer Attilio D'Agostino, a co-founder of Alive Magazine, is growing to 10 days this fall plus simply completed a spring season. Nashville Fashion Week. Co-created by St. Louis native plus …
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