Q&A: What kind of photographer should i be?

Question by Libby: What form of photographer must i be?
Children’s portrait photographer? Fashion/Model photogrpaher? Do we have any different tips? What has the number one pay plus what requires the many or smallest experience?

Best answer:

Answer by Mark H
Combat photographer.

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: What kind of photographer should i be?

  1. Take a look at your portfolio … you will see right away what field of photography you will be best at pursuing.

    Of course you will have to have extensive experience in any field you do eventually enter. Architectural, scientific, fashion/glamour, portrait, editorial, sports photography require different skills as well as different equipment.

  2. Unless you are an excellent photographer with lots of money and schooling, fashion photography would be a hard area to get into. This holds true for most of the funner photography jobs.

    The best area to get into photography is children’s portraits/little league games. Even better are wedding photographers. These two areas are where most of photographers make their money.

    One thing I should say, to make a good annual salary year after year, you must have good camera gear, better lenses, and good business management. The reason why I say business management skills, is because most photographers work for themselves. If you don’t have a good work ethic, then you probably wont make any money.

    One other thing I should note, is that I did not mean fashion photographers, sports photographers, and other areas like that are not worth trying. But with fashion photography, it is good if you have had schooling at a good photography school. Sports photographers is a good area too, but the lenses alone would cost around $ 8,000. A good camera body would cost nearly that as well. Add a backup body and a few more lenses, and you’re looking at around $ 15,000-$ 20,000.

    Hope this helped.

  3. follow your heart.
    i personally would be a fashion photographer because really, they know what they are doing, and kids squirm. :)

    plus imagine meeting poeple like tyra banks :O:O

  4. Photojournalist, hands down.

    Yes, these days you need a 4-year degree.

    But when you graduate, someone will actually offer you a job with a steady paycheque.

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