How much does a nude model cost for photography?

Question by dragoon73187: How much does a bare model expense for photography?
a model which is prepared to do bare portraits, for a photographer, how much does which choose?

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Answer by jakepi21
They could run from free along with a ale to thousands for a certain model! Simply go to where all of the pornography is plus leer till a hearts content!

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  1. 200-500 USD a day, depending on how attractive a model you desire. That or go to a strip club and hire a stripper for a few hours for 100 USD, as long as you don’t find the tats distracting.

  2. It depends. Models starting out sometimes do “TFP”, which means they will Trade For Prints–model for free in exchange for professional photos they can use in their own portfolio.

    Look in the artist section on there are a lot of ads there, on the original SF Bay page.

  3. Varies from $ 50 to $ 500, depending on HOW nude and how experienced.

    If you want the girl to spread her legs and show all, it will cost a lot because she suspects you will make $ $ $ selling them.

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