Modeling Portfolio! Tips on Modeling and How To Build a Portfolio for Free!

Spankie gives you a funny inside look into her modeling portfolio, and gives ideas on how to start your own and build your book for free! Modeling, agencies, tips. Spankie’s Dress: High Heels: Portfolio Book: Music by: Spankie Valentine “The Fashion” Photos by Sonya Bowman ANT MGA Photo Mykes Vestiture Magazine
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25 thoughts on “Modeling Portfolio! Tips on Modeling and How To Build a Portfolio for Free!

  1. Thank you so much for the tips. =) I thought it was a great video full of info, and I thought your silliness added to show personality.

  2. quick question , when you go your first profolio should you do your own makeup or have it done professional and can you wear wigs?

  3. o my goodness i love you!! you are beautiful and you are my example . and your fat burner videos *-* they helped me a lot :) i’m not satisfied with myself but i want to be like you! good luck, you are the best! :)

  4. my daughter will be a great plus size model, can you give me tips on how to start her off she has a gorgeous face and is a makeup artist. any tips you can give me she has no idea. everyone always tells her she should get into it, she has done makeup for fashion week, but its difficult to speak to the designers on such a busy week
    what can she do?she has pictures that have been taken. thank you

  5. i am 13 and i want to start modeling and i am super hot and i have brown eyes and long curly hair it is all different colors like brown blonde dirty blonde and a little strawberry blonde and it is natural

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