What is the best free modeling agency for teens?

Question by Sammie: What is the number one free modeling agency for teenagers?
I observe America’s Next Top Model all time as well as the Tyra Banks Show plus Tyra produced an statement which we don’t need to pay for a real modeling agency. If this might be true then have you figured out any free modeling agencies for teenagers.

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Answer by Jj
OK we don’t need to pay for an agent however they take a percentage of the earnings. You DO NOT receive agents thaat are really free, tyra ment they shouldn’t be asking for funds in the event you aren’t functioning.

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  1. just look for any modeling agency that you think is legit. all agencies should be free, they shouldnt charge you anything until you start making money and then what they do is take a percentige of your paycheck. if you go somewhere and they ask for money, take your money and run, they are not legit.

  2. Sammie,

    Legitimate modeling agencies do not charge for sign up fees. If they truly believe in you, then they will pay for your test shoot, plane fare etc. Eventually they will get their money back through your earnings.

    The thing is legitimate modeling agencies DO NOT take everyone. For fashion modeling, you must be a certain height and clothing size. Some of these agencies are Ford, Wilhelmina, Elite, Click, Nous, etc.

    The only “agencies” that take everyone are often scams. Places like John Roberts Powers, Barbizon, and others. They charge YOU money, because they are not an agency at all. They don’t get you work.

    If you think you have potential to model it’s very simple to give it a go. Have a friend take two photos of you. A clear face shot with little or no make up, hair pulled away from the face, and a full body shot. Stick them in an envelope and mail them again, to Ford, Elite, etc. There websites will provide you with a submission address.

    There’s a saying in the business, that most people who have the potential to model already are.

    If you’re desperate to be seen in person, then next time you vacation to Los Angeles or New York hit up some open calls. Again, these are listed on the major agencies websites.

    Good Luck.

  3. Every legitimate modeling agency is free – none charge you anything out of pocket. That’s why they take 10-20% commission AFTER they book you on jobs

    It’s impossible to say what’s best as you don’t mention where you live. Agencies won’t consider you unless you live within 50-100 miles of their office. The top agencies who have offices around the country are Elite, Ford, Wilhelmina, Next and Click. Look on their websites for the office closest to you

    And if you are 14 or older, you are not considered a “teen” model – you need to meet the requirements of the womens division, meaning you are at least 5’8″ (or 5’9″ depending on the agency)

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