Where is a good place to get a free modeling shoot?

Question by olivia: Where is a superior area to receive a free modeling shoot?
I reside inside Woodstock, Georgia plus I don’t wish To go further than Atlanta to receive my Photo shoot performed. I was thinking when anybody had any suggestion because to where I might go to receive a GOOD free modeling shoot thus i could finish my portfolio…?

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Answer by Weddings are all I learn.
Free??? Nothing is certainly free. Someone can do it for free yet I might state it wouldn’t be any advantageous.

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  1. You might try a local college or a local camera club, camera shop employee’s ect. Many aspiring photographers will arrange TFP, as it’s a win win for you both. You get photo’s for your portfolio, they get a model free of charge. When you find someone willing to enter into this type of agreement, have clear goals about the outcome of the shoot to be sure you both get what you want out of it.
    Unlike a previous answerer, a believe you can quality results, from someone learning the trade. The day comes I know everything there is to know about a subject, well that’s the day I loose interest.

  2. You get what you pay for.

    That said, if you are hell-bent on not spending any money, check out websites like modelmayhem.com and onemodelplace.com. There are many aspiring fashion and glamor photographers on those sites looking for models to shoot on a TFP or TFCD basis.

    TFP: Trade for prints
    TFCD: Trade for CD

    The idea is that you collaborate on a shoot to benefit both of your portfolios. Some TFP shoots even involve aspiring makeup artists and stylists.

    The drawback is that for every serious TFP opportunity out there, there are about 99 skeezy dudes who figure that if they buy a camera and advertise as a “glamor” photographer, attractive women will take their clothes off for them.

    As such, you should bring a chaperone to ANY photo-shoot. This should be non-negotiable. Ensure that you get in writing exactly what sort of files or prints you can expect. Thoroughly review the photographer’s work, and do your best to ensure that they have not simply linked you to another person’s site.

    If you are careful and shop around, it is not impossible to get a free portfolio shoot. However, the amount of time you will have to invest in order to separate the wheat from the chaff would probably be enough, had you spent it working, to pay for a portfolio shoot with a professional photographer that would most likely be of superior quality.

  3. Why don’t you look at this website and look over some of the portfolios in there (models and photographers). Find a couple of photographers in your area that you like their style of work and then contact a few of them and see if they would be interested in doing a TFP (Time For Prints) or TFCD (Time For CD). In other words you supply your time as a model he / she as a photographer and you get images in return. You will have to sign a model release so that you and he / she can use the images.

    Go to “talent” and then look up in your area or by zip.


    You could also join as a model but do not just go with the beginners portfolio but at least silver level and update regularly.

    Take a look at this one and read their FAQ it will give you many answers.


    Hope this helps,

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