How much can a glamour model make a month on average?

Question by Richie Wu: How much may a glamour model create a month about average?
One of my friend is good hunting however, doesn’t have a sexy body, she is trying whether she must go from plastic operation to become a glamour model, she’s gonna need to take about a loan for these operation however she’s not certain when she’ll be capable to pay it back when she select to be a model. She not into the hardcore stuff like playboy or penthouse, yet more like FHM plus Maxim.

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Answer by Dee
Look, when she doesn’t naturally have it. She not may. Girls with fake breasts plus fake looks inside the planet of glamour modeling are a dime a dozen. Nothing unique.

I AM a Playboy model. And Playboy is NOT hardcore for the info. Its not even pornography. Its classy naked images. Which is a lot different.

As for revenue, certain pay ideal should you have “it” However being a glamour model is having the body, face plus hair inside 1 package. Its a especially cute throat globe.

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  1. How silly, you people don’t have much more important things in life to worry about other than these silly matters??? GROW UP, GET SERIOUS IN LIFE!!!

  2. You get paid about £350-500 for an editorial shoot, and magazines rarely use the same models more than twice a year unless it’s a celebrity. Very few glamour models make decent money. Your average glamour model is lucky to get booked on 2 jobs per year. It’s not like a fashion model who could do 5 London Fashion Week shows twice a year, then appear in a Mulberry ad, then a Next catalogue shoot, then Grazia magazine. There are VERY few paid jobs available for glamour models

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