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Yankees find themselves paying big time for Alex Rodriguez's megadeal
Rodriguez didn't do anything wrong, anymore than he did when he took $ 252 million from the Texas Rangers, who waited three years before they were willing to pay the Yankees big to take him off their hands. … favor with whichever Steinbrenner son …
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Mena Suvari: 'happiness is not about material goods'
… moved to Los Angeles at that time. Actually, I started doing commercial work in Rhode Island even younger, and my first job, when I was just seven, was a regional commercial for a political campaign, though I can't remember how much I was paid …

My name is Jason, and I have an App problem.
I've got a bunch of those I've paid for because the advertisements interrupting each game round or level become tiresome, and I like the game enough that I have no problem supporting the developers. Words with Friends and Draw … Think about how much …
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Notable Neighbors: Yonkers model Cindy Joseph proves beauty is ageless
'It's so lovely being here,' she says. … “We want to be adored and valued and flirted with our whole lives, and when we're told that's only going to happen if you look young, we get concerned about looking young,'' she says. “I'm not telling women …
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