Nice men finish last, that’s why I’ll treat we like garbage… Get “Nice Guys” about iTunes! If you liked the movie, conserve it to the Favorites! BLOOPERS from the music movie Watch Ryan’s Version Chester See’s Version! Thanks to: Kina Grannis Cathy Nguyen: Song by Chester See, KevJumba, Ryan Higa Produced by Andy Lange Watch his “Making the Music” movie here! Music Video Shot by the beautiful Justin Safael Directed by: KevJumba —————— My cool webpage! Follow me about Twitter Be my friend about Facebook: ————————————- LYRICS CHORUS Nice men finish last, That’s why I’ll treat we like garbage, It’s not what I certainly wanna do. However, we just date bad men thus, I’ll provide it my ideal try to, Treat we the means we desire me to. VERSE 1 I not open a door, or pull out a seat. You are able to tell me how a day was however I don’t actually care. And in the event you ever receive cold, you’ll really need to hack it, Cause I’d be cold too If I gave we my jacket. Like WHOA, we ain’t sittin up front, Front is for the homies you are able to sit inside the torso. I not answer my telephone, When we call it And whenever the waiter brings the bill I not reach for my wallet. CHORUS VERSE 2 And Ima BEAT we! At each competition. Going out with all the females We better receive my permission. Wait no, i take which back, we can’t go, Home is about tonight
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