How to be a Model by a Professional Model & Modeling Scout !

How to be a Model with a Expert Model & Modeling Scout ! Below is certain information Mayte transferred you about her achievement stories: Sandra Kubicka is my best model she is finalized with NEXT MODELS she is just 15yrs older she has produced over 0000 inside 6 months plus is currently finalized wth an global contract with NEXT a few of her jobs include Target, Kohl’s, JCPenney Delias Below is a link to a Fan page: Heres her link to her NEXT profile: Renee Bhagwandeen my 2nd largest girl age 22 What a customer mentioned regarding her April exposeur magazine page 15 At a Fashion Show Her NEXT MODEL profile GRETA JIMENEZ NEWLY SIGNED WITH ELITE
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22 thoughts on “How to be a Model by a Professional Model & Modeling Scout !

  1. I love your advice! I want to be a model Everyone always teels be that fits me good.
    I am 5″8 and i am 117 and have blond hair and braces. You should do some more modeling advice/tips. Thanks again.

  2. Smh, I feel insulted by this video & she needs to do something w| that hair. She kept pausing & messing up. I didn’t get anything good out of this video. I think they put no ratings because this video would get a lot of dislikes.

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