Modeling Tips : How to Become a Male Fashion Model

Modeling Tips : How to Become a Male Fashion Model

Male fashion models could avoid being cocky plus overpowering, plus rather must project self-confidence plus versatility. Learn how to market boots, matches plus f…
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25 thoughts on “Modeling Tips : How to Become a Male Fashion Model

  1. female runway model: 5’7 to 5’11
    male runway model: 5’10 to 6’2

    any higher or shorter than that range would be hard. there is minimum height and max height.

  2. Fyi I think I’m sexier than most women that includes you plus my bone structure is heavenly your just a normy which means average looking 😉

  3. I would love to be a male model, many people told me i’m really sweet, charming, photogenic, really good bones structure…. But i’m too short, i’m only 5’10 (or 1M78).
    What do you think? Should i keep hoping?

  4. im a cm away from bein 6 ft, is dat a good hight 2 become a fashion male model. i always wanted to do modelin, a modelin agencie wanted me 2go 2 london. wat advice wud u give n wat wud i expect

    oh n im 28, is dat 2 old 2 start a modelin carear

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  6. just curious so i did a search for male modeling tips. anyone performing as a musical artist does some modeling while making videos. This video was the best one that I seen. Basically, you said just be confident and keep it feel. All the other videos that I saw posted was just way over the top. They made male modeling seem unmanly. not cool. but like i said, this video kept it real. good video

  7. @rahraysymma for a male model you should be minimum of around 5’11 to be a ramp model however, you can be a commerical model etc if you are not as tall, hope this helps

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