How to take good photos – digital photography tips

Click here: to discovery how to take wise pictures. plus to become the pro photographer now. How to take pro images, how to t…
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Kai plus Lok receive set a challenge to do several product photography found on the inexpensive. They every have their own camera, even so they need the setup to go with it. U…

28 thoughts on “How to take good photos – digital photography tips

  1. Перевод переводит “have a look at this” в “клитор”, так что извените

  2. how to win:

    1 overspend on useless shit

    2 sabotage opponent

    3 take photo in sketchy alley

    4 lie about overspending

    5 VICTORY!!

  3. Dude, if you ruin my work and laugh like a fucking tard in real life, I’ll look for you, I’ll find you and I’ll kill you

  4. 3. buy lamps to put behind the diffusers

    Oh yea? And please tell us how do you just eliminate the grey background problem?

  5. I dont know why so many complain about this guy and his channel. Dont fucking watch it! I think his ideas are good. Not always great but at least he tries. Take it for what its worth. You may pick up on something you can use. This world is such a dick head!

  6. Well said, people can learn a lot if they watch it without hating. It’s not a waste of time, people who find it a waste of time are people who prefer watching the same boring tutorials which are school-like and not a initiative and creative “on field” kind of learning experience, DRtv is a great place to expand the knowledge one has, but it seems that most people watching don’t even have the basic skill of watching and learning!

  7. You already learn about the basic lighting technique used, DRtv is mostly fun videos with lot of learning in it. But some people just don’t get it coz they are used to the usual boring videos that teach you stuff and 1000 people do the same boring thing. DRtv teaches in a fun and new way, I’ve learnt a lot watching videos from them.

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