Q&A: What are the chances that i could be a model?

i wanna be a model
by LioF_

Question by Bayleigh: What are the possibilities which i may be a model?
fine thus im regarding 5’8 plus im different lookin..i certainly wanna model plus veryone states i can..what are the possibilities a girl from oklahoma might be a effective model?

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Answer by BlueBird70
The odds are unlimited. We merely have to try it.Good luck

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: What are the chances that i could be a model?

  1. Lots of girls come from small towns and succeed :)
    And that’s good that you look a little different than everyone else, that could actually help you a lot.
    The chances are high (:

  2. I know a girl and i live in a small colorado town and she’s had pictures in magazines like Roxy. you can make it if you really want it.

  3. Post photos of yourself and if I think that you are gorgeous then the chances are, you are going to be a model because I have extremely high standards of the physical attractiveness of women. 😉

  4. depends on how you look, and your figure. it doesn’t really matter where you’re from. it’s more about what potential you have.

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