How And where does glamour modeling start?

Question by Rebecca L: How And where does glamour modeling begin?
Well,im 17,18 inside september plus i wish to become a fashion/glamour model.
i reside inside spain plus have performed for 5 years,and theres nowhere which may answer my concerns.
i have lately delivered a content to danielle lloyd,but waiting for a answer.
thus how plus where does modeling begin?
is it all regarding getting the tits out n ect..
how do i become a nuts model or be found on the front page? HELP!
please aid me !!

Beckii x

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Answer by kittysue2000
The most of glamour models inside the UK receive their begin about Page 3. We send images to the address found on the bottom of the page as well as call we when they select we
When we appear about Page 3, you’ll then have different lads mags plus lingerie firms phoning we.

If you have Playboy inside Spain, send inside the photos for them because they are constantly interested in fresh models

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2 thoughts on “How And where does glamour modeling start?

  1. ok, a ‘nuts’ model?! whats that? and whats this about your ‘boobs having to be out’? i dont know what youve heard about the fashion industry, but it has nothing to do with boobs. the girl who commented above is totally wrong about getting your start on “page 3”- i dont know any models that start out here- it takes hard work to get signed with any agency. and playboy is NOT glamour or fashion magazine- its basically porn, and you will not be a fashion model if you were evre to land a job with them (which by the way, millions of girls send pics into playboy every year and are gorgeous with perfect bodies) . you must have ALL the pieces to work as a fashion model (‘glamour model’ doesnt really exist as an actual job’), which means: you have to be at LEAST 5’9 (and to do runway, you typically have to be taller than that; im 5’10 and a 1/2 and some designers actually thought i was too short for their clothing), have a gorgeous face with a UNIQUE look (if youre just ‘pretty’ you wont make it), the right proportions and a size 2 or 4 (the right proportions meaning you must be very tall with looong legs and very very thin with an almost flat chest if you want to work as a fashion model). unfortunately really wanting it isnt enough. if you are missing any of those parts, you really wont be able to model. and it sounds as though you know very little about what the industry is all about. to get work, you must be signed with an agency- bottom line, and that is extremely difficult because taller, thinner and more beautifuls girls out there are submitting photos to the same agencies by the hundreds. dont expect to be on the front page of any magazine- about 5% of models ever achieve this, and if you had the goods to do it, you probably wouldve been contacted immediately from the agency or discovered by an agent by now. you have to be realistic- its is extraordinarily hard to get work and you are up against girls who are size 2, 5’11 and stunning so you have to be better than them. not only that, but you must be well-read on fashion and modeling (which it sounds like you need to work on), and you have to be smart enough to not fall for all the scams out there that take advantage of girls who want to be models (keep in mind you never have to give a dime up front to a legitimate agency). why do you want to model so bad? it sounds as though youre interested in it to “be on a cover” , and thats not a good reason. modeling is hard work, its not glamorous and your chance of becoming famous is about 1 in a million. you have to be in it for the love of the art, and you also must have talent, and be very photogenic with the ability to tell a story with your eyes and body- no easy task, trust me, and most girls cant do it. if you want to model, and have all the physical parts (and after youve read more about the industry), every model needs to submit professional quality photos to every agency i HER city (you cant work where you dont live) and pray theyll be interested. you cant just send a message to an agency- they need professional photos and you must send them to many agencies- just one will probably not get you anywhere. youre going up against thousands to get a spot in any agency, and if you do get signed, they cannot guarentee you will get any work, much less a cover, and you have to have LOADS of experience to book any kind of cover.

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