Black Male wanted for murder of white playboy Model Paula Sladewski

Black Male sought for murder of white playboy Model Paula Sladewski

Black Male desired for murder of white playboy Model Paula Sladewski The burning body of the 26 year-old Paula Sladewski, whom when appeared inside a 2003 movie Pl…
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Music is steal zombie Home of 1000 corpses.
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25 thoughts on “Black Male wanted for murder of white playboy Model Paula Sladewski

  1. what are the odds her and her boyfriend argues at the club he gets thrown out, she stays behind the next guy she talks to is black they leave together she winds up dead in a dumpster burned, sorry dude cant blame this one on the black guy

  2. Typical biased media only to willing to report on a crime a Caucasian commits but not so when it’s a minority…

    Shame on you

  3. i love this story. i wish i could see this kinda shit every night on the news . not that i dont see enough of baboons..

  4. I must wonder if those bouncers who walked out behind her have been thoroughly investigated by law enforcement. Were fingerprints taken from the dumpster and the storage unit doors and put into the database looking for a match? Were the bouncers checked? Did law enforcement check all of the storage units for any sign of fowl play? DNA? Paula may have been murdered at the facility where she was found. No matter who Paula was in character, she did not deserve to have her life stolen from her.

  5. Paula was a party girl from Detroit and Los Angeles. Regardless of her poor decision, I doubt she was crazy or drunk enough to just accept a ride or offer from a complete stranger. Paula did not seem to be inebriated in the video as she was walking without help. The killer or killers knew she was alone and likely waited for her to leave and then tricked her. Was she told that her boyfriend and cab were waiting across the street? Did she think this man or others were bouncers trying to help her?

  6. I wish the media would of stopped calling her a Playboy model and Playmate. She never posed for Playboy and was NEVER a Playmate. She was a wannabe model and when that didn’t work out she became a stripper. So really she’s a stripper. Never seen a stripper that didn’t like niggers tho. What a sad waste.

  7. she was a exotic dancer thats why they traveled hardly innocent. this is another case of pretty girl, in a bad relationship with a bad guy!

  8. ATTENTION HUMANS: Google Tom Shelly’s niggermania page for irrefutable, well-sourced facts about MOON CRICKETS. He has videos of niggers eating menstrual waste out of cow pussies and pictures of CANNIBAL PICNICS.
    Also, google “Black Invention Myths” to learn the TRUTH about niggers’ outlandish and not-well-thought-out lies about all of the shit they say they invented.
    Those sites will confirm once and for all that niggers are a pathetic race of sub-humans.

  9. Funny how after this new evidence came out about Paula Sladewski was last seen leaving with a black man, the “mainstream media” completely dropped the story. Coincidence? I think not.

  10. BLONDE!


    This black brother is my HERO! I wish I could have seen this buck give it to her! He probably called his boys for help. He lifted up that skirt and tore of those panties and her bra right off ! I can just imagine their sounds these bucks made.
    It must have been HEAVEN ON EARTH for those bucks as they EMPTIED into her.

  11. That’s some funny shit. Hey, once you go black you never go back. Clean that gene pool. There’s plenty of stupid white bitches out.


  13. This poor, beautiful white woman was no doubt murdered by anti-white low life niggers who then burned her body so as to cover up any incriminating evidence


    Love your race, and stop sucking up to blacks just to avoid being called a racist!

  14. Wild chimps love to rape and murder white women. This will be covered up by the Juden media. Makes me sick.

  15. yes .. I’ve suspected she is a jew but I haven’t come across concrete evidence .. regardless .. the negro who did this SAW HER as a WHITE woman .. they can’t tell the difference .. their target are the white women

  16. …and the blacks continue to usurp the purity of white women. Not in this case however, the girl was already a whore. This just commercializes it.

  17. Cereal? It’s serial you idiot and how about the 12 bodies they just found in ohio basement there has been tons of black serial killers the reason they haven’t been caught because they preyed on black prostitutes and the white guys killed higher class women

  18. Another White woman brutally murdered because the jewish media told her that race mixing was good and that negroes are special. They probably lured her out with the promise of some good negro cocaine.

    White Parent’s: tell your White children the TRUTH!

    The jewish media has filled you with lies for your obedience, they send your sons and daughters to die in the desert to defend israel. STOP THIS MADNESS!

    Inform the Youth of the TRUTH – the jew’s greatest fear!

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