what is the difference between a modeling agent and a model booker?

Question by : what exactly is the difference between a modeling agent along with a model booker?
it appears like an agent books models too, thus whats the point of getting a model booker?

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Answer by Robert
An agent represents the skill along with a Booker functions for the businesses which hire skill. Theoretically an agent has a interests at heart along with a Booker is much more interested inside the firm which hires we.

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  1. It really depends on the size of the agency. In a smaller agency the agent and booker is the same person. In a large agency like Ford or Elite your agent is the person responsible for your overall career. The booker is the person actually in contact with the clients confirming your pay rate, details on the job, etc and is responsible for billing the client

    So let’s say you were represented by Ford. Your agent would be advising you on your weight, your hair style, the type of jobs they think you are best suited for (editorial, runway, commercial), whether they want to send you overseas for the European fashion weeks, etc. If Gap wanted to book you for an upcoming ad campaign, then the booker would be the one speaking directly to Gap. They would get all of the details of the shoot, they would negotiate your pay for the shoot, they would send Gap an initial invoice with a 20% booking fee in order to confirm you for the job, they would let you know when and where you need to be, etc. And after the shoot they would issue an invoice to the Gap and follow up to make sure that invoice gets paid so you can get paid

    In a smaller agency the agent is also the booker as they don’t have enough clients or models to justify separate positions.

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