First Face – #5 Nadja Bender – Spring/Summer 2013 | Top 10 Models at Fashion Week | FashionTV

5 Nadja Bender – First Face Spring/Summer | Top 10 Models at Fashion Week WORLD – A First Face is the model whom opens a runw…
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22 thoughts on “First Face – #5 Nadja Bender – Spring/Summer 2013 | Top 10 Models at Fashion Week | FashionTV

  1. I didn’t really get her look at first: I definitely saw her as a womanly model, not cute or super beautiful. But having seen this video I am totally a fan and appreciate her womanly beauty and find her super attractive. And her English language skills are awesome for a Dane.

  2. she has such a great personality and has a gorgeous figure..she cant be compared to that eastern bitch of Daria lol

  3. She is on Gucci ads, she is gorgeous!!! I think she has a lot of potencial, she is supermodel in the making, in my opinion… let’s watch…

  4. Homeless bitch? Do people laugh about the poor in Malaysia? Okay I got confused but there is no need to get butt hurt about it, even then Lanvin and Alberta Ferretti are far more prestigious to open plus Daria did close Elie Saab and Prada among others, that should count for something imo :)

  5. I wasn’t sold on her at first but after watching this I quite like her, I love the fact that she would study art history too!

  6. since when she open elie saab???? and stop acting like you know everything bitch!!! they know what they were doing. homeless bitch!!!

  7. Not until now but shouldn’t Daria Strokous be ranked higher than her? They both opened four shows but Daria opened bigger ones – Lanvin, Elie Saab, Alberta Ferretti and Y3. How do you guys rank the first faces?

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