BONDI HIPSTERS – The Fashion Photographer

Adrian got his father to pay for a Fashion Photographer to aid about a fashion shoot for their Olympics inspired sports fashion range. Hot Girl with Nice Boobs: Kiki Morris Fashion Photographer: Gary Holmes Styling plus Design: Dom Nader, Adrian Archer, Leon Krasenstein plus Adam Powell

24 thoughts on “BONDI HIPSTERS – The Fashion Photographer

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  3. That beautiful work of feminine genetics is totes gorge. A reply stating the lady’s deets would be much appreciated.
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  4. Why do they put these South African inflections in their voice? People in Bondi don’t speak like that. Nor do they wear the retro inner-city garb these guys have on in their videos. I agree ‘Bondi hipsters’ (especially males) have a sometimes ridiculous way and style, but this is a completely inaccurate description of it!

  5. Is that soccer hat going to be in your sports range? I’m keen to buy one then not take the size sticker off so I look less mainstream.

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