Model Photographers???????????

Question by ladyhavoc: Model Photographers???????????
Hey I wish To become a significant fashion model! I am tall, thin, plus appealing, plus everyone keeps telling me to do it thus why not? Does anybody learn any wise photographers at a fair cost? I am going to send my images into Ford plus Elite plus see how which goes. I am 16 by the means thus I aren’t taking any naked pictures.
No muslim man I didn’t ask for the kind of camera to employ.
I possibly should’ve added inside the Los Angeles location. Great answers thus far!
Okay the answers thus far are wise yet I am really asking especially for photographers. I recognize what should be completed plus these yet could anybody provide me particular names?

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Answer by fhotoace

What we want is experience using different photographers, MUA’s plus stylists.

To do which, you ought to sit down with the parents plus look by Model Mayhem plus One Model Place for photographers inside the location which shoot TFP sessions. After we have picked five or 10, whose function we like plus a parents like, have the parents call plus interview them.

It takes regarding a year or 2 to discover how to pose about need plus follow the way of different photographers.

At the finish of which time, you really need to have certain amazing images that show a different looks plus with those inside hand, you are able to attend open calls hosted by Ford, Elite plus different modeling agencies and also advertising agencies plus publications which host open calls.

Be prepared to complete an application, be interviewed by an agency rep plus pose for a some reference images. Take a book along with you to show a experience plus different looks

Until you’re 18, you will want 1 of the parents to accompany we to all shoots plus signal the model releases plus go along with you to the open calls.

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  1. Join photography clubs and offer to pose for free in exchange for their shots of you. Usually a photography club would like to get a model so they could practice with their new dslr cameras. They can pay for the studio or pay for your food for the day. Usually also they would hire a makeup artist and some costume models can use for the shoot. Find a local photography group near your place. Be sure you bring some friend with you because mostly photographers are male. They are usually a group of new photographers who are willing to pay the organizer so they could have some photos of beautiful women. They would suggest a place or a theme for the shoot. If they suggest sexy (theme for shoot differs), just back out. Usually there are other models that will come with the group. Some photographers are professional, so you would be lucky to have good sets of pictures.

  2. Well you won’t get a response from any photographers in the area since Yahoo has a rule against self promotion.

    Taking a look at or would be helpful. You can search the local area and see samples of work. You do need to make sure that you stay safe Not everyone is ethical. You will also need to check samples of work, and negotiate what you get and how much.

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