How to Model: Model Portfolios

How to Model: Model Portfolios

Here are a bunch of model portfolios I utilize plus recommend. There are more videos about
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  1. You are going to want to focus on Commercial Print Modeling, On-Camera Commercials and other types of modeling where height is not a requirement. Don’t worry. There are several :)

  2. I currently act but I also want to start modeling. I have modeled for a couple of local things so far, but I really want to do bigger things. The problem is i’m 5″1! where can I find a major agency that specializes in commercial print and accepts short models?

  3. You can get away with just about anything…. But I would go for a more professional look personally. You want them to take you seriously :)

  4. You can actually use your profile in EM to flip through them on an IPad. It looks super professional. I will do a video on it soon…

  5. Since you want to present yourself in the best light, I strongly recommend a nice black portfolio of some sort. You can find inexpensive portfolios that look professional at stores like Office Depot or Staples.

  6. Heya thanks for the vid! :) was just wondering if agencies tend to take if different kind of ‘attitude’ to having the cheaper portfolios like a binder…? Thanks xxx

  7. Cristina ,did you finish school? cause i really want to be a model but my family does not encourage me,they say i should study,and that many models don’t have time to study! is that true?

  8. I ordered them online. You can get books that are already together as well. However many are not using hardbound portfolio books. They are utilizing online portfolios. Do you have a free portfolio on EM?

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