Modeling Tips : How to Start a Modeling Agency

Start a modeling agency by determining where the modeling jobs are, choosing a specialty model, acquiring customers plus getting exposure. Ensure company permits plus legal issues are worked out before beginning a modeling agency with tricks within the director of the modeling academy inside this free movie about modeling. Expert: Hazely Lopez Contact: Bio: Hazely Lopez is president plus director of Hazely Academy of Refinement plus Modeling. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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3 thoughts on “Modeling Tips : How to Start a Modeling Agency

  1. I know of a few modeling agencies here in florida and in Atlanta. Add me on twiiter and I can tell you about them and their website. twitter:

  2. This is some of the worst grammar and advise I’ve ever heard. “You have to make sure that look for your business regulations, your permits, and everything you’re gonna need as for the legal side. Once you have the space and also you just go ahead and start making the contracts that you’re gonna be making with your talents….” This kind of person giving advise and taking money from hopeful models is really sad.

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