Why Agent-Based Modeling? Part I

An review of Agent-Based Modeling. Based about presentations I’ve provided at Swarmfest as well as the Eclipse Modeling Day. For more, see my website articles beginning wit…
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4 thoughts on “Why Agent-Based Modeling? Part I

  1. I share you belief believe that agent-Based Models are the most direct way to represent reality. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with us! So you need to distinguish what is being represented from the tools being used to represent it. And in the latter case, very few people use ABMs to model systems, most use traditional equation-based approaches.

  2. Thanks Simone! I used KeyNote for the whole thing, believe it or not. A lot of objects! I did the screencast using Screenflow. If I had it to do again, I’d edit the audio more. :)

  3. very cool your presentation! congratulations! which program do you use to create this kind of presentation?!

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