Kendall Jenner Wants To Model For ‘Victoria’s Secret’

Kendall Jenner Wants To Model For 'Victoria's Secret'

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20 thoughts on “Kendall Jenner Wants To Model For ‘Victoria’s Secret’

  1. She’s not going to become a victoria secret model, i’m pretty sure it would be every girls dream if they had the oppurtunity but she just isn’t. And they are famous from their reality show, and have been famous ever since the start, and if you’re rich thats how it’s just how life works, adnd everyone works hard for the money they get believe it or not

  2. She’s high end fashion model material at her best but it really does take something extraordinarily special to be an Angel.And I don’t think she has it.

  3. Seems like the simplest thing to accomplish for her, if she really wants the role she will get it easy as cake.

  4. kendall can’t really model as well as a top model.. her photos are good because of her good looks and the awesome photographers/sets/photoshop/makeup/fashion etc. etc. She’s kinda amateurish. For her to land a vogue cover is extremely lucky for her already. I think everything is given to her on a silver platter seriously.. and honestly it’s not her fault. I’m just saying she doesn’t deserve to be a VS model. She’s not as physically stunning, not as experienced, not as seasoned.

  5. No. You don’t just become a vs model that easily because you’re Kendall Jenner. Those Angela work hard and deserve to be vs angels. That family is famous for absolutely no reason and they get everything handed to them on a silver platter.

  6. wtf why her i hope she dosent I dont get why the fuck people like these dumb ass i really hope she doesnt get it shes to young 

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