How to Start a Modeling Career

How to Start a Modeling Career
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36 thoughts on “How to Start a Modeling Career

  1. Besides pictures, what did the agent make u do? If any. Because I just spoke to a model agent and she made me do some really weird stuff some I understood as to show that ur confident but there was just some things that were like.. WTF.

  2. heyy my name is kendrick and im brakeing in to the modeling world but im haveing troubile finding a job how long does it take

  3. Hey…I have started some photos..and I have some up on youtube..what should I do next?? Also, please feel free to come and view my pics here on youtube…and please comment..thanks!!

  4. Wats up,i want to do modeling aswel am a male,17 years of age,many tell to do it,but like maybe you could write to me on private.

  5. Just now checked the video… I didn’t realize that I had that many comments on this video… anyway… just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of the support and for those of you who want to become a model… good luck to you… just take some tips from the video and go after your dreams!!! =c)

  6. – You may already be aware, but there is keen competition in the modeling industry :) I’ve watched Tyra Banks’ “…Top Model” and the show brings great light to the fact that not every gorgeous face can translate into a “modeling” photo. Please also remember that if any one agency asks for money upfront that it is a scam between us the the wall 😉 Please do be well and make good choices in life :)

  7. Hey man listen, i want to get in modeling… Iv been told i look like justin bieber, ryan sheckler, reply back and ill send you my myspace..

  8. You have the looks for modeling.
    I noticed you toned up but you didn’t bulk up very much
    That’s the body type they want

  9. nice bro…thx for the advice and i admire your work and i am 14 tryna become a model as well but i need tips….

  10. Great video. I love the feeling of a one take shot. You came around a lot, eh? Great. Never heard of Biloxi though. Your baby is 3. I like the wheel design. It´s a Cadillac? Well, I don´t need advice for a model career. Lol. But I truly enjoyed your video and understood almost all. Not unimportant for Vlogs. So keep it up Matthew. Best wishes, André :-)

  11. Ok, you are going to definitely make it as a model. And, sesiparken was right, the SHOES are off the chain.

  12. wow…. would you look at that… a girl like that could teach you more about yourself…what do you say to that..?

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