Pro Tog / Pro Model – Job Swap

Pro Tog / Pro Model - Job Swap

In this movie, you turn the tables plus provide the camera to the model as well as the modelling to the photographer. They have a couple of hours to teach every additional how to do their jobs. Let’s see what arises whenever you receive Mark Chung to teach model Callie Roberts. Mark Chung:
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24 thoughts on “Pro Tog / Pro Model – Job Swap

  1. Looks like banding on the background on the final shots. I’m guessing thats down to video compression though? (I was watching in 1080p).

  2. Hi yall, I am selling the Nikon D3000 to get a video camera. If you want to buy its… like a bomb deal… so I am just warning you because it’s so good. Help me out and go to my channel. Thanks. cool video btw..

  3. I’m positive those are just a bunch of pictures held up by circle magnets. You can see Mark’s younger photos are held up by broken pieces of the magnets.

  4. they are both so good…Callie seems very sweet, Mark is a funny, social guy….and the photos…turn them black and white and….. voila….amazing photos

  5. I actually did this with my first model that I shot because as a part of who I am I love to teach others and wanted to be able to give my model an understanding of what it is like to be the photographer…… I have watched this video several times and it just takes me back to my first model shoot!!!!!!!!

  6. After having watched this video again, I would love to know what those picture frames are that are connected to each other in the background visible at 1:25 !

  7. It’s quite nice! It’s the camera body that actually determines and controls the focus… So it knows whether or not you’re in focus. It just won’t do it for you on manual lenses!

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