Q&A: How long does it take to get modeling jobs once you have an agency?

Question by michelle: How lengthy does it take to receive modeling jobs when you have an agency?
When you’ve been finalized by an agency plus they take photos of we for the portfolio, how lengthy does it take to begin getting actual modeling jobs?

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Answer by Cierra
Okay i really worked for john casablancas modeling plus job center plus it may arise when you’re nonetheless inside training really however, many places wont accept we for a job except you’re atleast 15 to receive accepted for a job from almost anywhere anytime. . . . hope that helped :)

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: How long does it take to get modeling jobs once you have an agency?

  1. Sometimes it can only take a few days but it deoends on what casting agents are looking for and moset of the time you won’t be head hunted you will proabably just be told that a company is looking for someone of your apperarance and you will have to go for a casting session, yo wont get every job you apply for but it’ll be fun hvaing a go. sometimes they will take test shots to see how you compare to other models just enjoy it.
    Although some people get signed by agencies but never get a job depends on your agency and your look, if you look like most girls and dont have something outstanding you may never get anything.
    but hey if the agency thought you where good enough chances are casting directors will see the same thing in you :)

    Good luck :)

  2. It could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. It all has to do with whether or not any clients call the agency asking for a) a New Face and b) someone your age, height, look and coloring.

    If the client wants experienced models only you won’t be sent out to that casting as a new face. If the client only wants blue eyed blondes age 18-20, between 5’9″ – 5’10” and you are a 16 year old green eyed brunette who is 5’11” you won’t be sent out. Agencies can only respond to their clients’ requests

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