How can I create an online modeling portfolio?

Question by salentijnac918: How may I create an online modeling portfolio?
Is there a website you are able to post photos, like, to create an online modeling portfolio for modeling agencies or firms to obtain plus consider? Or anything of the kind? Anything to aid me! I’ve got nowhere to commence! Assist me!

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Answer by Merlin

These are generally both convenient to set up plus receive a big amount of traffic.

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  1. those two sites that the first person listed arent places to “put together an online portfolio”- they only accept professional pictures, and only small-time photographers go on that site. AGENCIES NEVER GO ON WEBSITES LOOKING FOR NEW MODELS!!! never ever, and companies never ever look online (or anywhere else for that matter) for models, outside of good agencies. the only way to submit to an agency is to send in your snapshots (no makeup, simple body conscious clothing, following their directions to a t), along with your height, measurements, dress size and shoe size. however, dont bother if you are under 5’8″ and/or larger than a size 6. agencies have a minimum height requirement for any girl over age 12 and a size maximum, so they discourage girls to submit who dont fit those criteria. you also have to have the right measurements (within an inch os 33-24-34), have perfect skin and strong bone structure that enables you to wear any type of makeup and pull it off- in other words, you have to have exactly what they are looking for, and agencies are brutally picky. another way to submit yourself for consideration is by showing up to an open call for that agency. if you post pictures of yourself on some website and wait for agencies to contact you, youll wait forever. they have thousands of girls sending in photos WEEKLY- where would they find time to go cruising the internet? that, and anyone can digitally enhance themselves in a picture and post it, and they know that all too well. you actually have to be proactive. the modeling industry is the most competitive industry out there, and if you dont have the height, body AND face they are looking for, they turn you away.

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