How much harder is it to be a photographer then a model. And vice versa?

Question by angela R: How much harder is it to be a photographer then a model. And vice versa?
I’d like to understand the advantages and disadvantages of being a photographer plus model respectively, how much time it takes to become a pro inside either. And any alternative helpful info.

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Answer by jen
there are advantages and disadvantages to both.
both are all regarding experience. the more experience we receive, even with all the small trivial shoots, or shoots with neighbors, the greater you’ll receive. A lot regarding breaking into the picture plus modeling planet is regarding that we understand, thus go to gallery openings plus fashion shows plus anything of the type and commence generating connections, receive the name available. becoming a pro is anything which takes time, plus persistence, nevertheless should you follow it. you are able to surely do it .

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  1. Depends mainly on mental make-up, you might have the inclination and talent one way or the other. Some people have both. Photographers tend to have longer working careers.

  2. As far as modelling goes, it demands a lot more stamina and mental strength to sustain a career. Basically you have to enjoy being ordered around, and you rarely get to direct your own career path. If you like a bit of risk and don’t mind working very, very hard, then a modelling career can be rewarding.

    A photographer is also subject to the fickleness of fashion, that is if you are talking about fashion shoots in general. He or she will have more choice and control over the career path, and can diversify if things get difficult in one area. I’d love to do portraiture, for example, but many people don’t have the spare cash to get a professional portrait done; hence, I move onto an industry which people are still pumping money into, tourism. Models don’t really have that choice, and in fact can get typecast into just one area of modelling for life.

    Both careers are volatile and in flux, and are jobs you’d have to love doing, to sustain as a rewarding career. The model’s job, with its higher risk and pressure, carries a higher pay tag, which is all that is important to some. Not very forward thinking though!

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