**am i pretty enough for 2008 model search???**?

Question by Sarah: **am i very enough for 2008 model look???**?
hi im elle.
im 14 years oldd. yet many people state i look elder 😛
there is a model look where i reside which is coming up shortly plus was thinking when i must enter???

***also it’s not for stick-thin models (its more a photography model)****


i am found on the left: http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa7/dancer699/101_1851.jpg

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yes! you’re very!

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39 thoughts on “**am i pretty enough for 2008 model search???**?

  1. I think you’re very pretty, but that style of hair doesn’t suit you, just so you know. I think it overpowers your look. It’s too…volumed.

    I don’t know if you’d make it, but as I said, you have prettiness down.

  2. you’re not 14.

    and you don’t look the same in ur avatar.

    and no. you look like a typical butter faced california blonde.

  3. sry, i prefer the girl on the right

    hah your such a biznatch i say that the girl on the right looks better, than you put up a pic where she looks bad in. RUDDDE

    you look OK, i guess

  4. The second picture you look really pretty in. the first….idk somthing about it. Your REALLY pretty though! i wish I could sweep my bangs like that.

  5. yeah deff. i think the hair is…too thick or big or something for ur head and body. its nice tho it makes u unique. btw, as a word of advice, ur only downside is tht ur just a “pretty girl” try to make urslef stand out. idk, look more exotic.

  6. ye yes yes! u r soo pretty and u have goreous eyes!! do not listen to what the other ppl say on this! U should follow ur heart in what u do. dont let them bring u down. but I agree with somebodyy previous, ur hair has a little 2 much volume.

  7. idont know if your model material, but in a good way. models always look so fake, but you have that natural gorgeous thing going on. very pretty

  8. the first pic, no, i wont even say who or what you look like either. The girl in the first pic with dark hair is very pretty.
    the second pic is good, ..i dont believe you’re any model material, you look like just an average blonde kid…

  9. Hey!!!!!!!! U r so pretty!!!! dont let any1 tell u diffrent u have very elegant eyes!!!! dark eye makeup and bright close would look really good o u n wld bring out ur eyes!!!!!!!!!!! ur pretty

  10. No, you are an egotistical, annoying, self-absorbed ego-climber looking for flattery from people who will tell you exactly what you want to hear.

  11. you might want to get braces. you should do the modeling thing. I wish you luck although you probably wont need it because of our great advances in photoshop these days

  12. Hi elle. First of all, you are quite pretty in that traditional stereotypical way, but you have something about you that could be more than ordinary. First of all, let your hair alone for a day and wear minimal makeup. That will really bring out your natural beauty and won’t look like you are trying too hard.

    Second thing. I am a model (currently not because we are moving and I don’t have to commitment time) and I have done what you are trying to do. These “Model Searches” are a total scam! They tell everyone that they are hot stuff and that they can make you big if you pay ONLY —— $ and then they can make you a star! I went with John Robert Powers and by good luck (and talent) I made it to where I am today. The real thing you need is an agent, which takes time ( a lot of time) and a lot of commitment from your whole family. You need to secure your education and make school your first priority. Any agency who says they come first isn’t worth anything! So, do it if you want, but now you know the inside scoop ;). Good luck.

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