What is a good camera to buy for artistic photography?

Question by Spitfire: What is a superior camera to purchase for creative photography?
Create, model, estimated 2nd hand cost?
Where to obtain?

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Answer by Mafia
Best Purchase.

Kodak or Cannon are advantageous firms…

go to Bestbuy.com or Circuitcity.com
look for it inside the look box, definitely u can discover the 1 u like, they have crapload.

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  1. I love a cannon! If you are in the market for a REALLY good artistic camera though, try to find a medium format camera by Nikon. I don’t know prices and such, but check out http://www.b&hphoto.com. They carry all the best deals!

  2. dont buy digital, not original and most contests dont except digital bcuz u might have modifyed it, and black and white is the best, and try a cannon:)

  3. You can shop online on ebay.
    Best buys are canon or kodak.
    If you want it for artistic photography, go in for a digital camera with atleast 6.0 megapixel and a decent zoom and refresh rate, with nightshot and other additional features which will help you with your artistic photos.


  4. a Cannon Rebel in my opinion is the best.they have both film & digital in this brand.Film rebel will run you about $ 200-300(new).You can also by great zoom lenses for it that are about $ 150(new).I’ve been very pleased with this camera,if your looking for that extra edge this is the camera for you.Most Wal-marts & camera shops carry these,a pretty common camera.Amazing quality with great nightshots,clarity,etc.

  5. A good camera to experiment with is called a Holga. It is a medium format camera that is kinda crappy but gives you very dreamy and artistic looking photos. They are only $ 15- $ 30 for one with a flash. I had fun with camera in college and created some very cool photos.

  6. The Canon family is really great, but Nikon is decent too.

    I wouldn’t suggest a second hand camera- you don’t knopw what you’re getting and each camera has a shutter life- after the shutter goes, you are better off getting a new camera, as it cost so much for a shutter to be fixed.

    I suggest digital, because you only have to order the prints that come out out well. It’s been said that even professional photographers only get ONE great shot per ROLL OF FILM… I don’t know that there’s scientific evidence to back that statement, but honestly, when I used to develop my own film, it was very frustrating to see the number of not-so-good shots to the number of decent ones… and I’m an experienced photographer.

    Digital does cost more, but it is cheaper in the long run.. not even long run if you take many pictures- you’d be wasting much more in rolls of film and getting them processed.

    I definitely suggest an SLR, as there are so many options that a point a shoot could not give you. If you are doing artistic photography, you may want to use longer shutter speeds or utilize depth of field, which you would not be able to do with point and shoot.

    I suggest the Canon Digital EOS Rebel XT, new. It’s cheaper than the other Canon Digital SLR’s, but is good quality and has many options.

    You can find it online at http://www.usa.canon.com, but also check amazon, ebay, or search it using Google.

    If you get lucky, you can find this camera for $ 650, maybe less.

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