My weight loss transformation fat girl to pretty girl – Plus Size Model – before after pictures A homepage comes inside the close future, too. ­čśë I lost regarding 167 ibs of my fat plus I am nevertheless functioning about it. Before I wa…
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There are countless ‘thinspirations’ about Youtube, thus I thought…why not create a ‘thickspiration’? So here is a assortment of curvy, breathtaking, feminine plus he…
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29 thoughts on “My weight loss transformation fat girl to pretty girl – Plus Size Model – before after pictures

  1. If you want to burn calories quickly, you should look up on google Cosmos Fat Loss. You´╗┐ are bound to get the body you deserve.

  2. Bin gerade auch dabei, mich (M, 186 cm, aktuell noch 140 kg – 10 sind schon weg) in Form zu bringen. Wie machst du das nur mit der Haut? Hilft dir da ein Arzt oder wie machst du das? Wenn ich mein Traumgewicht von 95 Kg erreicht habe, wird da eine Menge Haut h├Ąngen und das frustriert schon jetzt. PS: siehst echt super aus. Bleib´╗┐ dabei.

  3. I whole heartedly agree, there is nothing more´╗┐ beautiful than the women on this video.
    thank you so much for sharing this lovely bit of work.

  4. THis is probly the best video of this kind i have seen. It was´╗┐ beautiful and tasteful and I love how you incorporated the classic art examples as well.. I think it is a great benefit especially for people that are not familiar with classical art to see that thin was not always in..that men wanted their women soft and sensuous and healthy looking. So bravo to you!!! Keep up the great work!

  5. this made me cry. but in a good way, I never thought my body was beautiful until I saw this video. you don’t know how much this´╗┐ means. for that I thank you :) -3

  6. In many other countries these women would not even be considered full figured or plus size or whatever,they would be considered beautiful. Don’t get me wrong I love America, but in this country we are brainwashed into believing that there is only one version of beauty, tall and emaciated. In countries such as Italy,Latin American countries or Africa these women would be´╗┐ celebrated.

  7. If the curves are in the right places, they are beautiful in same way as models and others, however if they are actually FAT, it’s unhealthy, not attractive, often lower self-esteem, harder to find nice clothes, they have a higher risk facing many negative backsides in how they´╗┐ feel such as depression, exhausted for little etc. So plus size and fat is NOT the same. This was for plus-size women and you who get offended should look at yourselves.

  8. This video puts thicker women in a very positive light. When someone says thinner is better, I say look at those old painting of classical women and the statues of Greek Goddesses. They are bigger women. If people of the´╗┐ past can idolize those with curves, what makes modern society shun them? I believe beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder, but when the beholder of a particular kind of beauty form the masses, it makes the others feel not good enough. pure bullshit. we are good enough!

  9. I have always wondered why, for all my full days as a man, I have never figured out my attraction to full figured women. Thin women don’t stoke the fires with me. I love me a full figured gal.

    Just saying…..´╗┐

  10. Some of those girls were actually NORMAL looking. Not plus size. It’s kinda retarded how we’ve been pushed in to the mentality that if you’re not 110, you’re fat´╗┐ and there’s something wrong with you.

  11. This is why I never´╗┐ could understand why society has allowed itself to to be told how to conduct the way it is in culture.
    My opinion it when a woman becomes so ultra thin she has come to a very unhealthy state anyway. Ladies I don’t care if you eat a few extra cookies, so what? Learn to live with what GOD has bestowed upon you. Never allow others to tell you what to do with YOUR life, if your heart is as beautiful inside as you are outside then to me you are a TEN (10).

  12. I like this vid, and have a figure like Marliyn Monroe, and Christina Hendricks. I encourage´╗┐ girls to be healthy.

  13. The song title is in the description — ‘When You Believe’ by Chloe Agnew. There’s a picture of her at´╗┐ 1:55 :)

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