What type of cameras do professional photographers use?

Question by Haja: What kind of cameras do specialist photographers utilize?
i am interested inside astrophotography ( photos of room plus such) ..plus i was interested which i read someplace which just DSLR cameras are ideal..are these kinds equally chosen by experts inside model picture shoots plus all?
i merely like to learn, cause there are SO numerous kinds of cameras..and when i purchase a dslr cam..i might like to utilize it for everyday employ too..or is there greater cameras nonetheless?

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Answer by infinityfoto
If the hunting into getting a initial dSLR camera, head over to dpreview.com. That’s the number one site for independent ratings about many cameras (plus makers).

Overall, any dSLR camera is superior for what the wanting. With Astrophotography it comes right down to the telescope and just how we connect the camera with it. Good Luck!

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  1. Professional photographers use whatever type of camera is best for the type/style of photography they are doing at the time.
    May be a dslr, medium format, large format.

    A dslr will be fine for most “general” types of photography.

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