Review : Das Keyboard Model Professional S

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Chances are the knife inside a pocket is dull. Really dull. I learn considering I’ve enjoyed it! However like car repair, keeping a blades inside top procedure…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

38 thoughts on “Review : Das Keyboard Model Professional S

  1. Sick job man :D Loved it so much! Is there a way that you could PM me with the e-mail to contact them? Thank you 😀

  2. Nutn on TV nutn to do… oh wait lets watch nutnfancy vid. Wait is he the ass that got me into knives and makes me spend my spare money on them… yep that’s him!!
    lol good job again nutn

  3. don’t complain about any movies unless you produce one yourself. Don’t complain about any music unless you produce an album yourself. Don’t complain about any cars unless you design one yourself. And…don’t complain about Nutnfancy unless you produce videos yourself??? Yeah, that makes sense.

  4. Just not seeing this as being worth the money for the vast majority of people. Especially, as people have mentioned, it seems hard to lock the blade down properly to prevent rolling. And i’m confused as to how the angle marker would work with a full flat grid blade for example, ’cause you’re already at some sort of angle when it’s lay flat. If i can get a knife to shave hair, then it’s good enough for me, and i don’t think you should need this device to do that.

    Still, it obviously works well.

  5. That’s what sets him apart. It’s the details. There are a million and one people on youtube who can do a 10 minute knife review, but they miss out details that might make or break a product for some people.

  6. Rolling the blade. That stops me cold from buying this device. Hearing you say “I gotta make sure it’s locked down” and then watching it wiggle shows this device has a problem.

  7. If you’re want to lock your knife down then check out the wicked edge sharpening system. IMO the edge pro apex and the wicked edge are the best sharpeners on the market

  8. because for a longer knife (say a kitchen chopper) you need to be able to move the knife so that the section you are sharpening is always being supported by the platform. this allows for constant edge angle along the entire blade as well as supports the part of the blade that is taking the downward force. I have however seen a store sell a high powered magnet for holding the blade more securely.

  9. agreed. i don’t have tha system, but that was my first thought. why no clamp…

    anyway, nutn, i have the knife on the desk within hands reach and it is sharp. do i pass??? 😀

  10. Ben doesn’t put exact angles all the way up because every knife has a different wedge angle and depending how far away your knife edge is from the post all affect the angle of the edge. So think of those colored lines as guidelines. They are not exact and never will be, even if they are lazer eched. I use the angle cube to know exactly what angle I am sharpening at

  11. Nutn, Chef Knives To Go has nice accessories for the Edge Pro. The drill stop collar is a must after you start leveling the stones.

  12. but I won’t pay someone else to do it, like changing brake pads on my car. The EPA and the Wicked Edge are supposed to make it easier to do a really good job but I get my knives to a usable edge with a diamond rod and a ceramic hone.  I have a dual grit stone if they get really bad.

  13. this divice is ok,but i am disopointed that a maker of this device did not install a holder for the knife so you realy lock the knife.and moving that “thing” is afecting the angle.sory for bad english

  14. Dont buy stones cut some blocks of wood and glue sandpaper to it sandpaper works as good as japanese stones no leveling if it gets dirty or metal fouled just trash it stones get metal stuck in them which is harmful to the edge I know I know couldnt resist trying to help keep up the long videos I like watching it its entertainment your a good person man I never watch cable you guys have beaten out the hollywood folks in my opinion my 7 year old loves you and bugget nuster especially

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