Q&A: What is the best camera for professional modeling photography?

Question by .: What is the number one camera for specialist modeling photography?
I should purchase a expert camera for media function. I me am not a photographer yet usually have somebody else take the pictures plus wish To have my own equipment for my own staff. Anyway, what exactly is the standard megapixel amount many pro photographers utilize for shooting the big magazine advertisements? I’m clueless plus don’t wish somebody to BS me into purchasing their own items.
Men, I don’t signify blowing plenty however I want. I need anything that’s not unique available ridiculous $ $ $ $ .

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Answer by fhotoace
We utilize a Nikon D300, D3 plus D3X with 24-70 mm f/2.8 plus 70-200 mm f/2.8 for many the fashion you shoot

Both the D300 plus D3 cameras have 12 mp sensors. The D3X has a 26 mp sensor plus is selected largely for studio function.

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  1. Hasselblad H4d60 is the best. But it is really expensive. Even Michael Grecco has that excitement when holding a Hasselblad.

    But are you really recommending it Theo? OK, the person asked what is the best, anyway.

    I agree with hiring a photographer. One of the many reasons is that a person do not only needs to be familiar but also needs to be accustomed to his gears. The longer the person is with his gears, the better he handles it.

    I must tell you that one of the most important advices I got in choosing a new camera is to go to the camera store and know the feel of the camera in your hand. I am not telling you however to forget specs. I am just telling that familiarity with the gear is very important.

  2. Megapixels alone are irrelevant.
    You are talking about furnishing a studio. That is a job for a professional photographer. You would be better off choosing your photographer and staff first. You need an experienced studio photographer and they know what it will take to get the job done.
    Your only other option is to hire a consultant to do it and then you run the risks of being sold on products they get a kickback on and ending up trying to fit the photographer to the studio.

  3. Why buy a camera if you’re not a photographer?

    Hire a photographer, and pay them their day rate.

    If you want a low end setup, the Nikon D90 (800.00) and a few great lenses, 50mm 1.4 (300.00), 85mm 1.4 (1200.00) 70-200 2.8 (2400.00) would be a good start. Then you need a studio setup, 4 Alien bee lights, and all of the light modifiers (3500.00). After spending all of that, you’re still going to have to pay someone to use it.

  4. You have lots of good advice in the previous answers, but I am puzzled by the set-up you propose. You intend that several photographically inexperienced staff will use the camera for serious creative work for adverts to be printed large in magazines?

    You must realise that it is the photographer who makes the picture, the camera merely facilitates it technically. Best to do as advised, hire a good photographer if you want stunning work that will promote your products to best advantage.

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