Which professional camera brands are good?

Question by Daniela Markus: Which pro camera brands are wise?
HI, I am searching for a specialist camera for model photography. I am only not sure that 1 is the RIGHT 1! I hear numerous opinions whenever i see BestBuy which I receive confused. Many instances I bought Cannon plus additional cameras which expense more over $ 500.00 nevertheless the pic has been disappointing. I wish To be capable to increase the pic …illustration, the scale of the door without the pic to receive blurry or unclear.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Answer by ii
Nikon is a awesome brand for specialist photography.

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  1. Canon and Nikon are the only companies that make truly professional level cameras and lenses. A pro level camera will cost you $ 5,000 and up.

    What you are probably looking for is an entry level DSLR. An expensive camera does not mean you will get pro level results. This is up to the skills of the photographer.

    If you want to make an enlargement the size of a door a point and shoot camera no matter how expensive will not do it. The sensors in them are too small. They are about the size of your pinky finger nail.

    Even for a DSLR with a sensor that is about 15 times larger than those of a point and shoot this is a large print. To get a print this large you will have to have perfect focus and exposure. Also a print this large will be pixelated slightly when viewed very closely. They are meant to be viewed from a distance. At 10 feet it should look fine as long as the focus and exposure are perfect.

    Some cameras to look at would be

    Canon Rebel XS, XSi or T1i. Cost $ 500-$ 800 with a lens

    Canon 50D. Cost $ 1,400 with a lens

    Nikon D40, D60 or D5000. Cost $ 450-$ 800 with a lens.

    Nikon D90. Cost $ 1,150 with a lens

    To get the best results for large prints a full frame camera is the best choice. The smaller APS-C cameras like the ones above will give very good poster size prints and even larger but a full frame camera will be even better. Some full frame cameras would be.

    Canon 5D MKII $ 2,700 body only

    Canon 1Ds MKIII $ 7,000 body only

    Nikon D700 $ 2,500 body only

    Nikon D3 $ 5,000 body only

    Nikon D3X $ 8,000 body only

    The most important part aside from your skills will be the lens you use. A good lens is required for sharp large prints. A good lens can easily cost as much or more than the camera itself. So keep this in mind.

  2. $ 500 is pennies in the world of photography, with Hasselblad bodies going for over $ 50k with the best digital backs(thats 100 times the price you’ve been paying). If you’re working in a studio and have the financing then you may as well get a digital medium format camera. If not you should still be looking at over $ 5000 for a professional SLR body if you want to get superbly large photos. Then if you want sharp photos at that size you will need to spend at least that much again on glass. Plus you will need so spend a considerable amount on lighting, a tripod, and possibly backgrounds if shooting indoors.

    Brands we are talking about are Canon and Nikon for full frame SLRs and Hasselblad and Mamiya for medium formats.

    So in short you haven’t even scratched the surface if you’ve been only spending $ 500 on cameras.

    Oh and its CANON! Two single N’s! The one with a double N shoots big lumps of metal at other things.

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