Is it true that Rovers Morning Glory in Cleveland pays professional models for their calendar contest?

Question by : Is it true which Rovers Morning Glory inside Cleveland pays specialist models for their calendar contest?
If this really is true then how could it be a fair plus honest contest available to the non-model fans?

For instance I found 1 model, CourtneyF, whom is Miss March 2010. Her pro profile is found at:

Won’t these pro models have an unfair benefit over the non-model fans? Or are all contestants inside the contest all specialist models?

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Answer by B.E.I.
Wouldn’t the number one persons to ask this to be Rovers Morning Glory (1-866-YO-ROVER)???

Why could they need to pay pro models, they have many people entering (from great searching all of the method to the “butter-faces”).The only advantage the models might have is the fact that they possibly have sharper, clearer images to submit.

The ones whom win are the superior lookin ones prepared to say/write/show elements which receive the DJs attention.

Besides, the present argument is the fact that nearly all of the calendar women are strippers….not models…pretty funny reading about their forum

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