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  1. Merry Christmas to you too! You look gorgeous! What brush are you using for the setting powder and bronzer? It looks so luxe!

  2. Merry Christmas Ruth, love your videos above all others! Ps I bought the effaclar duo and love it SO much, my skin has improved a lot so thanks! Xx

  3. Happy Christmas Ruth! and a Happy 2013! Thank you for all your videos; I have learned SO much; but mostly my hair is wonderful now thanks to Philip Kingsley’s shampoo! Wow; so glad you recommended it! Thank you very much.

  4. Merry christmas Ruth! Would love to see a makeup ‘collection’ video of you showing all of your lovely make up! Have absolutely loved watching your videos this year and I wish you a well deserved break. Lots of love x

  5. May your holidays be as warm, glowing, and beautiful as you, yourself, Ruth! My best to you and yours today and throught out the New Year.
    Warmest Regards~Kaycee

  6. No, neither PlaneMaker nor AirfoilMaker. Go through the default Boeing 747-400’s folder. Locate the “Paint Kit.rar” archive, unpack it, and use a program like Photoshop or Gimp (Gimp is free, open-source). Then go to my tutorials numbers 10 – 12 to get an idea about how to paint different liveries. This all still applies to X-Plane v10.

  7. Can you help me out a bit or give a link to one of your videos if it would help me out. I am looking to make a new livery of the default Boeing 747-400. Would I open up plane makeer or airfoil maker? and I am also looking to edit some of its instruments. Thanks

  8. Where’s tutorial 2? THis was really well explained btw. I suck at all this stuff (don’t even own photoshop yet) and I understood like, most of it…and I’m not very smart

  9. No. This is for X-Plane. If you’re interested in 3D modelling for FlightGear, later tutorials might be useful, but then again, only if you find a way to export it into FlightGear-compatible format. 

  10. Thank You SOOOOOOOOO MUCH for your tutorials! Been discouraged by what feels like a cryptic interface. But the power of this program is insaaane! And with help from nice people like you I wont be giving up!

  11. The stabilizer is created using miscellaneous wings, and they can be created asymmetrically. Line up your fuselage image so that the two halves of the fuselage are a mirror image of each other. Unaligned background images very quickly pose noticeable problems to the fuselage shape… so you’d naturally run into a situation where you’d want to re-align the background image.

  12. Great video – I have a question – see when aligning the front view into the middle of the page (50% line – as you did with the windscreen) – what do you do if your aircraft’s front profile is asymmetrical? I’m doing a helo that has only 1 horizontal stabilizer that sticks out further than the fuselage – do i centre the image from the centre of the fuselage still or the centre of the tip of the stabilizer to the outside egde of the oppisite sides wheel housing?

  13. Since this video series I’ve moved on. I think it was Adobe Photoshop CS3. I went through CS4 and am now at CS5.1. But Adobe products are expensive. you can do many of the same things I’m doing in my vids simply by using GIMP, which is free and uncrippled/unlimited.

  14. @danklaue what is the version of photoshop your using or what is the FULL name of the photoshop your using, I am finding more than one version of photoshop. Or what is the link that will take me to the exact same kind of photoshop your using. Thanks!

  15. I am copying-and-pasting exactly what I wrote two months ago:

    Actually, I have the zip files posted on the X-Plane(dot)org forums, under “Tutorials>PlaneMaker Video Tutorials.”  Video tutorial number 1 (the same one as depicted above) has a zip file of the 3-view right underneath the video.

  16. Hi there

    The embraer site has been updated and the spec sheet has been changed, the images of the plane itself are not very good quality + there is only 2 and they are impossible to use on plane maker so if you would be very kind enough to maybe make a download of the images themselves ,that you have used.

    thankyou very much

    ps: love your vids there so helpful

  17. Actually, I have the zip files posted on the X-Plane(dot)org forums, under “Tutorials>PlaneMaker Video Tutorials.” Video tutorial number 1 (the same one as depicted above) has a zip file of the 3-view right underneath the video.

  18. dude, ur insane! can you make a download of the image files please? cuz they updated the specs and now the images arent as good and there isnt a good top view. plus, gimp is hard to use with those. Thanks!

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